7 Important Tips to Remember After Getting a Spray Tan

7 Important Tips to Remember After Getting a Spray Tan

After discussing spray tan preparation tips in our last blog post, you’re probably wondering how to keep your skin beautifully toned longer. Preservation of your spray tan is just as, if not more, important than the preparation. So let’s move on to the post-spray tanning essentials. These guidelines ensure your flawless tan not only comes out looking great but stays that way over an extended period of time. Just like the spray tanning experience itself, they are incredibly easy to perform.

Proper Undergarments to Start

We previous discussed the importance of wearing the proper clothing to your appointment, but it’s worth stating twice! Do not wear undergarments that you care about during the process in case they get stained. However, your undergarment selection is even more important in the post-tanning preservation period. Panties that are too tight or that rub on your skin will cause visible panty lines (VPLs) and the solution may continue to rub off for about 24 hours after spraying. Fortunately, many salons provide paper panties to their customers, which are an easy solution to this problem. Also, though no one will ever confuse them for a Victoria Secret design, they only need to be worn the day of your spray tan to eliminate the likelihood of VPLs.

Loose Fitting Clothes

One of our key tips for your spray tan preparation was to wear loose fitting clothing to the salon, and we recommend staying in this outfit for the remainder of the day. Select your most stylish dark, loose-fitting outfit and pair it with sandals for lowest chance of staining your clothes and the least amount of friction. Tight bras, shirts, pants, or shoes can cause lines, streaks, and indentations if worn too soon after your appointment, ruining the spray tan effect that your technician just applied.

Baby Powder is Key

Deodorants were also mentioned as something that should be avoided before your tan, and unfortunately the rest of the day after is no different. While you may just want to tough if out for the rest of the day to avoid the patchiness that both sticks and spray can cause, sweat also causes streaks and spots. We’re going to let you in on a secret industry tip; baby powder works wonders to solve both the smell and sweat problem. Apply liberally around sweat prone areas such as your underarms, inner elbows, back of your knees, and under your butt. Who says looking great, smelling great, and prolonging your tan has to be difficult?

It goes without saying but due to the problems sweat can cause, avoid working out during the first 24-hours as well. After this period, wear breathable fabric at the gym that will absorb your sweat and reduce the friction caused by ordinary clothes.

Liquids are the Enemy

The duration you should wait to shower after your tan varies depending on the level of color depth, your skin requirements, and the solution used, but six hours on average is recommended. This means that you also need to avoid rain, pools and the beach. Solutions are a tricky science, needing enough time to absorb and ensure an even shade. That being said, be sure to speak with your tanning technician and confirm their recommended waiting period for a shower. Keep in mind that leaving the solution on any longer than 12 hours can cause streaking as well, so adhering to their advice is important.

Follow Proper Shower Procedures

When it finally is time to take a shower, there are several important things to keep in mind that may differ from your normal wash routine. First, don’t spend an excessive amount of time in the water as it may cause fading before you are even able to flaunt your tan in public. Utilizing water that is too hot can also speed up this process, so be sure the water is lukewarm before you hop in. During the first shower avoid using soaps on your skin and exfoliate while letting the water run over you. You will probably notice the water changing color, but don’t worry; this is only the bronzer washing off and not your tan.

Avoid washing your hair during this initial shower if you can. But, if it is absolutely critical to wash your hair, a methodical wash that avoids touching the skin is the best technique. After your shower, dab, don’t rub the towel against your skin to dry off the water. Over the next 12 hours, your tan will continue to develop before reaching its peak jaw-dropping look.

Hydration for the Win

After you have taken your first shower, keeping your skin as moisturized as possible will be THE key factor affecting how long your tan will last. Prepare oil-free body lotion to use daily after your first rinse to properly rejuvenate your skin’s vital nutrients. If you don’t moisturize properly, there is a chance that your spray tan will wear off in dry patches of skin.

Lotion with oil should absolutely be avoided as it will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve, preventing the skin from absorbing the solution and shortening the lifespan of your tan. Oil-based fragrances, perfumes, and even products like bug spray will also have this same negative effect; meaning direct skin contact with these products should be avoided as well for the sake of your gorgeous spray tan.

Keep Exfoliation and Shaving to a Minimum

Ideal for the preparation of your skin and harmful for the preservation, exfoliation wears away at the surface of your fresh spray tan. Along with pore strips and bandages, it should be kept to a minimum until your brilliant color begins to fade away. Shaving is also a tricky subject, as it offers the same drawbacks but is much harder to avoid for 5-8 days. So, if hairy legs or armpits aren’t your thing, then be sure to shave with light pressure and an emphasis on using slow, even strokes of your razor. If done correctly, this will prevent any unwanted exfoliation and fading.

In Conclusion

Practice these tips if you want to achieve the optimal results from your spray tan. It’s evident that a few sacrifices need to be made in order to make it through the first day of caring for your spray tan. However, after day one, you’re in the clear to enjoy your flawless skin for the rest of the week. A little maintenance goes a long way in determining the amount of time you get to enjoy this head-turning look before stopping in for another. If you have not read the first part of this blog about preparing for your spray tan, then be sure to check it out here! You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest products, news, and trends from our industry.

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