Airbrush Tan Vs Spray Tan: What to Choose?

Airbrush Tan Vs Spray Tan: What to Choose?

Achieve a Natural Tan Year-Round with Sunless Tanning

Everybody wants to look and feel attractive, and one of the most vital steps towards achieving this is having a nice, natural tan. However, this usually isn’t available to all of us, especially now when the summer has already left the building.

But this is where sunless tanning comes into play.

With a properly executed sunless tanning process, anyone can achieve that coveted natural-looking, beautiful, bronze skin within a matter of minutes. Not only are airbrush tanning and spray-booth tanning methods more effective and much quicker than tanning beds, but they are also healthier. They are UV-free, which means the risk of accelerated skin aging or skin disease is not present.

Now, although most of us are already aware of how efficient these two tanning methods are, there is still the famous question: Which one of the two types of sunless tanning is better?

What we at Kahuna Bay Tan have come to realize over the past several years, is that most people still think that spray-on tanning and airbrush tanning are the same thing. Let’s settle this once and for all.

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tan is the preferred sunless tanning method for many people out there, even some Hollywood celebrities prefer it to spray-on tanning. When it comes to airbrush tanning, you are usually involved in a session in which a professional technician picks the formula that is perfect for your specific skin tone. This step is actually crucial for both methods as each person has a unique skin tone that requires a specific shade of the tanner, especially if you want your skin to look naturally colored.

The solution is then sprayed onto your skin by hand, using an airbrush tanning gun. The experienced technician will make sure the tanner is applied in the most optimal and even way to all areas of your body that you want tanned. One of the vital steps is also eliminating excess airbrush solution from reaching the areas that you don’t want to be tanned too much, which usually include underarms, knees, elbows. Unlike other sunless self-tanning products, this method is (if done properly) stain- and streak-free.

Airbrush spray tanning solutions contain an active ingredient called DHA, a harmless organic compound that causes a safe and natural tanning reaction in the outermost layer of your skin.

Another great thing about airbrush spray tanning is that a technician is able to correct mistakes (if there are any) by touching up and evening out the tan on certain areas of your body. They can also eliminate the tan lines and provide special treatment to areas like thighs and abs to provide the definition.

Spray Tanning Booths

Tanning booths, on the other hand, are the second most popular method of spray tanning. It involves a customer standing in an automatic spray tanning booth, equipped with nozzles, which then spray the tanning solution onto the customer, head-to-toe.

Typically, the arms and legs need to be positioned just right; otherwise, the tanner won’t be spread evenly. Since there are no ways to finely tweak the whole process in terms of skin tone, evening out manually, and taking care of the tan lines, this method is not as accurate as the airbrush. However, it is a quick and convenient option for those who want a fast and UV-free tan.

Final Verdict

Though tanning booths can do a nice job with your sunless tan, we at Kahuna Bay Tan belong to Team Airbrush. This method truly is a personalized sunless tanning experience, as the airbrush tanning equipment provides you with a way to finely tune the color to match your skin tone and devote time and effort to achieve a perfect and even skin tan.

Embrace the sunless tanning revolution and achieve a radiant, natural-looking tan year-round with the right method for you. Whether you choose airbrush tanning for its precision and personalization or a tanning booth for its convenience, the key is to enjoy a safe, beautiful tan without the risks of UV exposure.

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