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Bronzer Tanning Lotions: Everything You Need to Know

Not all tanning lotions are created equal. Some are satisfactory, some claim to be “the best on the market” even though they are quite the opposite, while some indeed provide a superior tanning experience and results.

In the sea of various sunless tanning products and spray tanning lotions, we at Artesian Tan recommend opting for tanning lotions with bronzer. It is not a coincidence that these lotions are among the most popular ones in the world of indoor tanning.

So, what is a bronzer tanning lotion and what is so special about it?

Benefits of tanning lotions with bronzer:

  • They provide natural sun-kissed look (without the annoying discomfort and tingling sensations)
  • They provide faster results
  • They are affordable and easily accessible
  • They keep your skin properly moisturized

Let’s go over the 2 main types of tanning lotions with bronzer.

DHA Bronzer

DHA bronzers contain dihydroxyacetone - a carbohydrate that forms brown-colored melaninoids in your skin due to its reaction with the amino acids in your skin. Also known as self-tanner, DHA bronzer doesn’t actually trigger the production of melanin in your skin (like regular sun tanning), instead it only creates the illusion of tanned skin as it produces the golden color within the dead layer in your skin.

This is why most people call DHA induced tan “fake tanning,” since no actual melanin is being produced. As the bronze color is only formed in the dead-skin layer, this type of tan lasts up to 10 days, during which period you skin will gradually shed the bronzed layer as days go by.

DHA bronzer needs about 4 hours for initial results to show, while full-on tan may need up to 12 hours to develop.

DHA percentage chart for specific skin types:

  • 5-8% – pale and fair skin (skin types I and II)
  • 10% – light medium and medium skin (skin types III and IV)
  • 12% – brownish skin (skin type V)

Natural Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Unlike DHA bronzers that contain dihydroxyacetone and other chemicals, natural bronzers are packed only with herbal extracts. They usually contain riboflavin and caramel, ingredients that possess the power of providing your skin with an almost instant tan and boost of color. Some natural bronzer lotions, usually the ones of higher quality, can contain exotic extracts and organic ingredients that provide you with a natural tan by boosting melanin production in your skin, as well as by increasing the circulation of oxygen in the outer layer of your skin. The natural bronzer tanning lotion formula also includes a plethora of healthy ingredients that:

  • Provide moisturizing powers
  • Assure even coloring
  • Keep those annoying streaks and splotches at bay

Since they are all natural, natural bronzers last up to 4 days and require more frequent application.

What Are Other Ingredients Found In Bronzer Lotions?

Silicone emulsion 

This ingredient hydrates your skin and helps it maintain the tan for longer periods of time.

Coffee extract 

This is a common “secret” ingredient in tanning lotions as caffeine has the ability to rejuvenate the skin and make it firmer. It can make your skin look more toned.

Hemp seed oil

Although it is still (unfortunately) a notorious plant, hemp provides a myriad of benefits to mankind. Some of those include:

  • powerful moisturizing abilities
  • great nourishing powers
  • conditioning powers

All these minimize the dryness in your skin.

Psoralen and Tyrosine 

This potent amino acid reacts positively with the pigment cells in your skin when they get exposed to UV radiation.

Final Tips:

  1. Those who seek sunless tanning lotions that don’t provide you with that annoying tingling sensation, bronzing lotions are probably the most optimal sunless tanning option for you.
  2. In order to achieve best results possible, we recommend you develop a base tan before applying bronzer tanning lotions.
  3. Those who rock pale, fair or light medium skin, we recommend you don’t go with extremely dark hues.

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