Fuji 2150 SalonTAN Spray Tan Machine Review

Fuji 2150 SalonTAN Spray Tan Machine Review

Spray tan salon owners are the first to know that looking for a new, reliable, and durable spray tan machine can be a real hassle. While there’s a lot of different brands out there offering different features and guaranteeing flawless results, the truth is, not every brand and model will deliver and in order to get the best bang for your buck, you need to do your research beforehand.

This is where Artesian Tan steps in. As professionals in the industry, we’ll always have the inside scoop for you and for everything sunless. Same goes to tanning machines. That being said, if you’re in the market for one and have been looking for Fuji spray tan machine reviews, you’re at the right place!


Generally speaking, the 2150 salonTAN is a great, professional system with a great spray gun. It’s really easy to set up and use, comes with the gun, which is also easy to connect with the hose.

Simply connect the hose to the HVLP compressor and the spray to the hose, turn the machine on and you’re ready to go. Apart from ease of use, this thing is QUIET. As an experienced salon owner, you probably know that not having to deal with the noise of a continually running compressor can be bliss at times. You’ll love it!

The machine is a salon system with a simple box design which makes cleaning it clean incredibly easy. It has an easily accessible filter, so rinsing it is also pretty easy. You have a handle on the top with a spray gun holder making it easy to put your gun down too if you suddenly need to. Even though it’s considered a pro-level salon machine, at 23 lbs, you can also use it for a mobile system without any serious problems.

The 2150 salonTAN is a well-made durable machine, however, keep in mind that this only applies when you use it correctly and if you run thinner solutions through it, you won’t have any problems.

More on thinner solutions later.


The TAN7350 spray gun which comes with the machine is a joy to use! It’s not heavy even when loaded with spray tan solution, which will give you a tremendous amount of control to apply a flawless tan without having to deal with a tired arm at the end of the day.

The gun also makes contouring and detail work easy since it has an adjustable pattern control knob on the back of it. It has very little overspray, meaning that you’ll have less cleaning up to do after your sessions. To top this all off, it’s really easy to get replacement parts for this gun model if something happens to break or get worn out.

The spray tan speed is also adjustable on the gun, which allows you to set your solution flow according to your style, liking and skill set. If you’re a beginner, start slow until you get the hang of the basic spraying routine.

All in all, the gun may require a bit more practice to get really in the groove of using it but it’s far superior than other basic gun options out there.


The Fuji comes with a 24 month warranty on the complete system.


The Fuji 2150 SalonTAN is a professional system that is an essential piece of gear in every serious salon or even mobile business. It’s quiet, easy to use, comes with an adjustable spray gun, leaves little overspray making cleaning up after your sessions a breeze.

However, consider using thinner spray tan solutions and try avoiding thicker ones since the Fuji will deliver way superior results with thinner products than with those of a thicker consistency. It does not mean that it won’t handle thicker products, it just works better with thinner solutions.

Hope we were able to help you. Feel free to give us here at Artesian Tan a call so we can answer any additional questions you may have regarding the Fuji 2150 salonTan spray tan machine.

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