Why Kahuna Bay Tanning Product Are Among the Best on the Market

Why Kahuna Bay Tanning Product Are Among the Best on the Market

Getting a spray-on is a much healthier alternative to sunbathing. It can also do wonders when it comes to boosting your enthusiasm and spirits during the long, cold holiday season. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a sun-kissed glow in January?! This is where tanning sprays come in as one of the best sunless tanning products for temporarily darkening of your skin without spending time in the sun.

In this article, we will be focusing on Kahuna Bay Tanning products and their tan solution reviews which speak volumes on why this company is considered to be among the best in the business and on the market.

About Kahuna Bay Tan

The Kahuna Bay Tan company was co-founded by a Melanoma Cancer Survivor and Supporter of Melanoma Research. So you know their products are based on the principals and integrity to support and promote Melanoma Awareness worldwide. “Throughout our Company, the passion for Melanoma Cancer Awareness runs deep in every employee,” say the folks over at Kahuna. “All Kahuna Bay solutions are made fresh for your order.”

This is why some customers say they are “Mercedes Benz of Tanning Products”

So far, Kahuna Bay Tan products have been featured on: AMERICA NOW, various beauty magazines, TV shows, blogs, News Papers, while over 20,000 salons worldwide are currently using Kahuna Bay Products.

Kahuna Bay Tan products are also used by Mrs. and Ms. America Contestants, Famous Models, ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC Correspondents… National Body Building Competitions, Many A-list Celebrities, Salons, Spas, Dermatology Clinics, Resorts, and Mobile Tanning Companies Worldwide.

Here are some Kahuna Bay reviews written by our faithful customers:


Reviewer: Amanda Thaxton from Shreveport, LA United States:

“I have been searching for the perfect sunless tanning solution to use on my clients. The Kahuna Bay products are not sticky, they smell great, and give a beautiful dark tan that I and my clients love!”

Tanning Solution Samples

Reviewer: Tanya from, West, TX:

“Thank you so much for such prompt service and an easy transaction!”

Sample Pack

Reviewer: Gretchen Polley from Chandler, AZ United States:

“I have only tried the Kahuna Melange and the Awaken both seem to have a really beautiful brown color!”

Kahuna Bay Tan Products

Here are 5 of the most popular Kahuna Bay Tanning products:

Remember, all Kahuna Bay Tan Products are highly customizable.

Artesian Blend (8oz)

Our number 1 selling sunless tanning solution worldwide with made natural color and natural ingredients. Lightly scented with Lovespell.

Awaken Anti-Aging (8oz)

Famous natural color with natural ingredients anti-aging properties. Lightly scented with lemongrass.

Hawaiian Blend (8oz)

FAST DRYING spray tan product that is perfect for the sunless tanner who wishes to have an amazing dark tan.

Kahuna Melange (8oz)

Solution goes on feeling warm and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! ALSO USED BY MANY MS/MRS America Contestants. Lightly Scented with Tropical Citrus.

Kahari Rapid Tan (8oz)

Great Natural Color and Develops a tan in as little as 3 hours! Lightly Scented with Hawaiian Breeze

The Benefits of Spray Tanning

Lack of UV Rays

An obvious pro when considering spray-on tans is that these products contain an artificial colorant that doesn’t damage your skin. UV rays from the sun, however, can do significant damage to your skin. Spray-on tanning products contain the chemical called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) – an FDA approved product that is safe to apply to the skin.

Even Coverage

If done properly, spray-on tans provide even coverage, unlike all those uneven and angry-red sunburns you get on your face and shoulders after natural sunbathing.

With the chillier months of winter, now is the perfect time to treat a friend or family member (or yourself) with one of these Kahuna Bay Tan products! The abovementioned spray tan reviews definitely speak for themselves. 

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