Choosing the Right Color of Tan - Which Tan Is Right for Me

Choosing the Right Color of Tan - Which Tan Is Right for Me

Have you ever sat at the nail salon, scanning and rescanning the plastic trays of gel polish nails, trying to imagine which color will illicit the accurate you inside? Only to look up and see your stylist with pursed lips, unsure of how your decision could be so difficult? Just me?

Picking the right color- the right anything, really- can be difficult! We go back and forth in our minds, imagining who will be, with whom we will be, in whom we will be dressed, all to settle on the color.

Spray tan colors present us with a similar opportunity to overthink. How tan do I want to be? Should I be summer-kissed? Tahiti-tan? Brown bear cub with a subtle facial glow? On top of deciphering between the different shades of tan, we have to be careful to choose a color that matches our skin tone. One that will blend well and look natural.

Always ask your stylist to go over their spray tan color guide with you. Your color changes throughout the seasons and staying informed on which colors best suit your tones will help you make an informed decision in the future.

Generally, colors move along this scalle: Classic (or original), dark and extra dark. Mixed amongst them are different shades of tanners that help build your perfect hue and give you the lasting glow.

Classic color will provide gentle tanning agents that adapt to each client’s skin tone. That means you are not pasting on a color. You are inducing a chemical reaction that is completely personal to your current shade. This level is ideal for beginners. It is also a great way to keep a subtle, natural bronze glow on your skin. The gentleness make this color range super easy and clean, too.

Dark tan solutions use innovative technology that richens and deepens already medium to dark skin tones. The color range is also a perfect option when you have just returned from a sunny vacation and want to stretch your tan out a bit longer. Always consult with your stylist before selecting dark or extra dark.

Bronzers offer a chance to tint the base color you spray on. Bronzers do not always need to be used as tanners; they can be used as enhancers, too, mixing in classic, dark or extra dark.

Some tips to live by:

  • In the winter, stick with a lighter shade
  • In the summer, go a bit darker
  • Start with the color that your stylist recommends for your tone- even if you don’t think it is dark enough. A stylist knows best.
  • Error on the side of caution. It’s better to have a tan slightly lighter than you expected. You can enhance the color with products and makeup
  • When going darker, stick to the two-shade rule. No jumping more than two shades past your skin tone- even for special occasions! Correction, especially for special occasions!

If you are worried about color matching, ask for samples in the best tanning solution of your choice. Kahuna Bay offers a perfect sized 8oz sample so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

The third and final decision maker: solution incentives. What else do you want out of your solution, besides perfect, sunless color? Try Artesian Tan favorites:

  • Awaken Anti-Aging DARK Spray
  • Fragrance drops
  • Kahuna Bay Hawaiian Blend
  • Artesian Blend EXTRA DARK (airbrush of spray)

For more of the best Kahuna Bay Spray Tan products and all other leading spray tan equipment and merch, check out our online store!

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