Spray Tan Application Tips for a Streak Free Tan

Spray Tan Application Tips for a Streak Free Tan

No matter how cautious you are, how good products you are using (for instance, the best home spray tan machine money can buy), you still end up applying streaky tans. This can be a problem, especially if you own an airbrush spray tanning salon or run a small, home business. Streaky tans are probably one of the biggest no-no’s in this industry, which can pretty much ruin a business if not eliminated as fast as possible.

Lucky for you, Artesian Tan is all about helping salons and business owners to smoothly operate their businesses and to perfect their skills. Just give this a read!

  • Make sure that you are working at a distance of between 4 and 6 inches between the mist applicator or spray gun and the body.
  • Start applying the coats at the back of the body. Work with careful and even vertical strokes to the top of the leg, while slightly overlapping each stripe of color guide.
  • Ensure that the palms of your clients’ hands are facing in towards their thighs when they are standing with their arms by their sides. Spray from the top of the arm towards the wrist. This sometimes takes 2 to 3 stripes, depending on the surface size you have to spray.
  • When spraying the back of the legs, start a bit over the bottom of the panty line, working your way down towards the ankle. Slightly overlap each stripe of guide color (the same goes for the back too). Also, imagine an upside down Y at the ankles' bottom. For the inner stripe pull out to the left and for the outer stripe, pull out to the right.
  • Next step, when doing the side of the body, ask your clients to do a quarter turn (their side should be facing you). Lift their arm, so it's slightly away from the body and start applying the tan from the top of the shoulder (with the same "Y-method"). Turn their arm over so the palm is facing upright, then cover the inner side as well. When done, ask the client to stretch their arm above their head (like they are actually doing the Y of the YMCA but with one arm). Spray from the hip up, stopping at the base of the armpit. Mist the armpit only once.

    • Before starting to spray the front of the body, ask the client to lift their arms and lean back slightly. This enables you to start spraying from under the bust or pectorals first, in sweeping motions from side to side. Spray each breast or pectoral spraying the shape of each cup of an imaginary bikini top. Start from at the top of the knicker line to cover the abdomen, working upwards.

    • Start at the bottom of the knicker line to cover the front of the legs and work towards the ankle in the already described Y-method.

  • For inner legs, get the client to turn their leg outwards, while their foot is at a 90-degree angle. Spray this area only once with about 2 stripes.
  • Spray up and down from the bottom of the neck up over the ears when spraying the face, while heading from one side to the other. Make sure that the client’s eyes are closed, and that they are holding their breath. Cover the nose and mouth when near.

    •Finish with the hands by pulling your gun back a bit. Work in quick light mists from the pinkie to the wrist until you get to the thumb.

  • Do you have any more questions? Make sure to contact us so we can help you! 

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