Pick the Right Spray Tanning Kits to Start Your Business

Pick the Right Spray Tanning Kits to Start Your Business

Regardless of whether you are looking to open a spray tanning salon, kick off your own mobile tanning business, or you are merely looking for the perfect spray tan equipment starter kit for your personal use, learning about spray tanning equipment is vital.

Naturally, you will want to get your hands on quality tanning machines without breaking a bank, and in order to do that, you need to know what type of tanning equipment suits your own specific needs. But, the range of options available on the market is rather wide. If you want to be able to make educated decisions about which spray tan machines, kits, solutions, tents and other accessories to buy, continue reading.

Artesian Tan team decided to give you some crucial pointers, narrow down the list for you, and provide you with some best-buy offers for 3 different spray tanning kits:

  1. Mobile Spray Tanning Business
  2. Spray Tanning Salon
  3. Private Use

We know that buying an expensive spray tan machine and the necessary equipment can be quite a commitment, so here are some of the most pertinent tips on this type of purchase.

Choosing the Right Spray Tanning Kits: Tanning Salon

If you are kicking off a local sunless tanning salon, you must purchase grade-A equipment that is both packed with features and affordable. This is where purchasing a complete spray tan kit comes into play. These kits most typically include more powerful spray tanning guns, extraction booths, and all the other pieces of equipment and accessories your clients might need.

Our pick for this type of purchase include:

You cannot go wrong with these products, especially if you are looking to kick off a quality spray tanning salon and compete with other local venues and salons that offer sunless tanning services.

Choosing the Right Spray Tanning Kits: Mobile Business

Those of you who are looking to start a mobile spray tanning business need to choose a kit that will, aside from a powerful tanning gun, also include a quality pop-up tent. Both the gun and the tent should be compact as you will be carrying it a lot.

Our pick: Norvell MOBILE Z3000™ Pro Sunless Travel Kit

Choosing the Right Spray Tanning Kits: Personal Use

Perhaps you are simply trying to find a spray tan equipment starter kit that you can use for a personal application (and for your closest friends). For these purposes, we would recommend opting for a smaller, lightweight spray tan machine that you can easily pack and carry with you.

Our home use kit pick: Fuji Spray 2100 miniTAN PLATINUM™ M-Model Start-Up Package.

Although this is a starter pack, this kit has everything you need for quality and professional at-home spray tanning sessions:

  • 1 Liters (34oz bottle) of Sunless Tanning Solution
  • 34 oz Sunless Tanning Training Solution
  • 8 oz Kahuna Bay pH Balance Spray
  • 100 tanning hairnets/caps
  • 100 Pink Gloves
  • 25 Pairs Sticky Feet

Starting a spray tanning business is a beautiful calling, but making sure your customers get the best service possible is vital for your success, and that is plausible only if you have the right tools of the trade. So, before you go on and purchase the right kit for your spray tanning salon, be sure to carefully think of your specific needs and preferences.

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