Health Benefits of Extraction Fans for Spray Tanning

Health Benefits of Extraction Fans for Spray Tanning

If you are a professional looking for ways to improve your spray tanning business, this will be an important theme to discuss.

The role of spray tan extractor fan

spray tan extractor fan is a great tool you will find in almost every modern spray tanning salon. The mechanism takes in unfiltered air and provides clean air throughout the entire salon.

These systems are beneficial because they extract excess tanning solution particles known as "overspray." This not only provides that great level of professionalism to the salon but also gives a pleasant atmosphere for clients and employees.

How does it work?

Spray tan extractor fans purify the air, pull the overspray away into a filter, keeping it far away from eyes and respiratory system, and preventing you from inhaling the tanning solution.

Also, extractor fans collect unwanted dirt and allergens out of the environment, which ensures good health conditions for both employees and customers. Spray tan extractors come with disposable or washable filters. Disposable filters catch small particles and need to be changed every couple of months.

Good extraction fan has a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating filter, which ensures enough strength for overspray absorption. Ask your supplier for recommendations about powerful fans and filters.

Portable spray tan extractors

Spray tanning experts recommend overspray floor fans with filters and overspray extraction booths. Floor fans have three different filtration volumes and use disposable filters that should be changed to keep the filtration process at the optimum level. Extraction booths are inexpensive and equipped with positive airflow technology for more suction.

Why do you need a spray tan extractor in your salon?

Recent data shows the possibility of DHA absorption through deeper skin layers and mucous membranes. High concentrations of DHA can produce free radicals, which are responsible for cell mutation. However, there is no evidence of the negative effects of low DHA concentrations.

When used correctly, DHA will have no negative effects on your health. DHA is approved for external use only, and it's important to understand the potential risks of this substance when used incorrectly.

Health benefits of spray tan extractor

Spray tanning is safer than being exposed to the sun or indoor tanning, but it is safe only when done in controlled conditions, especially because DHA can cause breathing problems.

Regular use of extraction fans for spray tanning during the treatment decreases the risk of asthma, COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and lung cancer.

Nowadays, the incidence of lung cancer in young women is increasing. Even though the real reasons are not entirely known, scientists suggest avoiding cigarettes and inhalation of chemical substances. Those who suffer from allergies will feel the benefits of extraction fans as they reduce the concentration of allergens.

Are your clients going to recognize the health benefits of spray tan extractors?

Spray tanning industry has swept the indoor tanning and its growth has been due to the rise in awareness about the negative effects of UV rays. However, clients are not familiar enough with the extractor benefits. You should share with them your positive experience with spray tan extractors, and they are surely going to recommend your health -responsible salon to their friends.

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