Why Spray Tan Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses

Why Spray Tan Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses

Never underestimate the power of reviews – that’s something all veteran salon owners or mobile tanning business owners know. Why – you ask? Let Artesian Tan explain why are spray tan reviews absolutely crucial and beneficial for your growth in the long run.

As an entrepreneur, you want your business to be visible all the time. 

You’ve invested time into creating local radio ads, maybe you even have your own little commercial going on a local TV station, and you also came up with a pretty good marketing strategy for your local newspaper. Still, you find that – even though you do a tremendous job – customer numbers aren’t really growing. Well, maybe you forgot about the internet.

Having a well-established online presence is key to grow your salon or mobile business.

Why – you say? If you have a site which is user-friendly, your potential clientele can navigate through it with ease and will be more likely to contact you. Having pages on social media sites can also boost your business. Asides from sharing content about what you do, you can also post about your special offers and everything that’s going on. Furthermore, you can also engage with your audience and customers. How?

One of the best ways is through REVIEWS. Whenever you work with your clients, encourage them to leave reviews on your Facebook or Google. Why? People spend a lot of time on the internet, gathering information, looking for new places, businesses. After reading all those 5-star reviews, you can be sure that your potential long-term clients will contact you to schedule an appointment. Today, information on the internet travels light years faster than word of mouth.

What do you have to do after setting up your FB and G+ pages? All you need to do is to keep up the magnificent work! 

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