2017's Best Spray Tan Solution

2017's Best Spray Tan Solution

Having a great tan doesn’t necessarily mean spending days cooking in the hot sun. If you’re concerned about UV rays or simply have no spare time for sunbathing, Artesian Tan’s spray tan solutions can offer you a perfectly bronzed look. 

2017’s best spray tan solutions are only a click away!

Hawaiian Blend

If you cannot go to Hawaii, Hawaii can come to you! Hawaiian Blend is made specifically to mimic days spent on the beach.

Combining violet and bronze tones, this blend will give your that iridescent tan, as if you spend the last week lounging on the beach. The color enhances all skin tones, and it’s fast drying too!

Kahari Rapid Tan

A deeper, darker color is what Kahari Rapid Tan offers. Chocolate, mocha brown, hazel and a deep chestnut – all of these can describe skin after applying Kahari Rapid Tan.

Aloe Vera will moisturize and soothe your skin, while Green and White Tea Extracts will boost your skin’s immune functions and add another protective layer from the pesky UV rays.

The key ingredient in Kahar Rapid Tan is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, a.k.a. Matrixyl. This clever little antioxidant had immune-stimulating properties which help strengthen sun-damaged skin.

Awaken Anti-Aging Spray Tanning Solution

What if you could apply anti-aging cream all over your body? Well, turns out you can! With Awaken Anti-aging Spray Tanning Solution you will not only give your skin an extra boost but also get a fabulous tan.

Awaken Anti-aging contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A Liposomes – all this means is that Awaken helps minimize skin aging free radicals which are to blame for long-term skin damage. Another important addition to Awaken Anti-Aging is Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, which has been proven to benefit your skin greatly.

Available in Original, Dark and Extra Dark, this product fits all skin types – from normal to dry.

MineTan Violet Onyx 1 Hour Express

No time for a tanning session and definitely no time for a relaxing vacation, but you still crave that deep bronzed look? No problem! With MineTan Violet Onyx 1 Hour Express all you need is, just as it says on the bottle, one hour.

Violet Onyx is enhanced with violet and bronze bronzers, along with a plethora of other goodies – natural botanicals of mulberry, caramel, blueberries, and beetroot. To soothe the skin, Violet Onyx is also enriched with Aloe Vera. If you want the most lavish tan, grab a bottle!

Kahuna Mélange Spray Tan Solution

If your skin tone is light to medium, the best choice is Kahuna Mélange Spray Tan Solution. The product of choice for the Mrs. America contest, this solution will make you look as if you were a bronze statuette come to life. You may be surprised by Kahuna Mélange's thickness, but the product is not a regular cold blend spray – Kahuna Mélange actually feels warm on the skin, and silky smooth too!

Concocted with natural ingredients, Kahuna Mélange is also packed with anti-aging properties and capable of skin moisturizing, while it also helps firm the skin.

Skinny Tan

If you're looking for something more out of your tanning product, Skinny Tan is for you! Adding to the gorgeous color, Skinny Tan also firm up and tones your skin. Additionally, these products contain Guarana, a component that can help to lessen cellulite.

Available in Natural, Medium and Dark, Skinny Tan perfect for all skin types, from the palest to an olive tone.

If you want your skin to be perfectly bronzed, just pick a shade! These professional grade products will give you a perfect tan without sweating in the sun – only one click away!

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