Collection: Samples

Discover the magic of Kahuna Bay tanning solutions with our exclusive 8 oz Sample Packs. Designed for those new to Kahuna Bay or looking to explore our range of premium tanning solutions, these sample packs offer a perfect introduction. Each pack includes a selection of our most popular formulas, allowing you to experience the unique benefits and results of Kahuna Bay's tanning products firsthand.

Whether you're a professional tanning artist seeking to expand your offerings or a self-tanning enthusiast eager to find your ideal shade, our sample packs provide the variety and quality Kahuna Bay is known for. From our deep, violet-based Hawaiian Blend to the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of our organic options, discover the perfect tan tailored to your skin type and preference.

Our 8 oz sizes are ideal for testing different solutions, ensuring you find the right match without committing to a full-size product. Each sample is crafted with the same high-quality ingredients and care as our full-sized offerings, guaranteeing an authentic Kahuna Bay tanning experience.