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Unleash Your Inner Sunshine with Artisan Tan's Spray Tan Guns:

Dreaming of a beautiful, healthy tan without the harmful UV rays? Whether you're a sunless tanning enthusiast at home or a seasoned salon professional, Artisan Tan has the perfect spray tan gun for you! We offer top-of-the-line technology and equipment to help you achieve a flawless, even tan in just minutes.

Home Users:

    • Effortless Tanning Magic: Embrace self-tanning like a pro with our user-friendly gravity feed or suction feed HVLP guns. Enjoy a mess-free application and achieve a natural-looking, streak-free tan from the comfort of your home.
    • Beginner-Friendly Options: Discover our easy-to-use portable or cordless HVLP guns specifically designed for home tanners. No prior experience needed! Get salon-quality results without the hefty price tag.
    • Build Your Confidence: Look and feel your best with a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Our guns offer customizable shades to match your desired tan intensity.

Salon Professionals:

    • Elevate Your Services: Take your sunless tanning services to the next level with our industry-leading professional-grade HVLP guns. Impress your clients with an efficient, precise, and mess-free tanning experience.
    • Unmatched Performance & Durability: Invest in long-lasting, professional-grade HVLP guns built to handle high-volume use. Reduce downtime and ensure consistent, flawless results for every client.
    • Boost Your Reputation: Offer the latest advancements in sunless tanning technology and attract new clients seeking a luxurious, safe tan.

Why Choose Artisan Tan Spray Tan Guns & Machines?

    • Perfect Pairings: Find the ideal match for your needs with our extensive selection of compatible spray tan guns and machines. We carry top brands like Fuji, Apollo, and Norvell, ensuring seamless performance and optimal results.
    • Beyond HVLP: Explore our diverse range of spray tan guns, including gravity feed, suction feed, portable, and cordless options to suit your preferences and budget.
    • Unmatched Quality: Invest in industry-leading equipment built for optimal performance and durability, whether you're a home enthusiast or a salon professional.

Additional Tips & Information:

    • What is HVLP? HVLP technology uses lower air pressure to atomize tanning solution, resulting in a finer mist, less overspray, and a more even application.
    • Choosing the Right Gun: Consider factors like your experience level, desired control, budget, and preferred features (portability, cordlessness, feed type) when selecting your ideal spray tan gun.
    • Spray Tan Machine Compatibility: Ensure your chosen gun is compatible with your specific tanning machine for optimal performance. Refer to our compatibility guide or contact our experts for assistance.

Ready to experience the Artisan Tan difference?

Browse our curated selection of HVLP and other spray tan guns, along with compatible machines for both home and professional use. Our expert team is happy to help you find the perfect solution at (419) 386-2387.

Visit our spray tan kits machines today to unlock a world of flawless, sun-kissed tanning!