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Discover the Ultimate Self-Tanning Mitts for Flawless, Streak-Free Results

Artesian Tan, the leading supplier of spray tan products catering to both individual and business needs, proudly introduces our premium self-tanning mitts. Perfectly designed for the self-tan enthusiast aiming for a flawless, streak-free glow, these mitts are a game-changer. Our luxurious, velvety mitts ensure an even application across all your favorite products, including Spray Tan Solution, Self-Tanning Mousse, and tanning lotion, making sunless tanning as easy as a piece of cake. Crafted for durability, comfort, and suitable for all hand sizes, they're the ultimate tool for achieving a professional, salon-quality tan at home. Easy to clean and quick to dry, our tanning mitts embody the essence of a seamless self-tanning process, ensuring a beautiful, natural-looking tan every time. Choose Artesian Tan for your sunless tanning needs and transform your self-tan application into a luxurious, effortless ritual with our top-rated tanning mitts.