3 Advantages of Owning a Spray Tanning Tent

Are you a spray tan business owner? If so, then you NEED to invest in a spray tan tent. Sure, it may be easy to dismiss this piece of equipment as being unnecessary, especially if you already have your own office or location where you do a majority of your business. However, spray tan tents have many benefits and advantages that can only help to benefit your business and bring you more clients and money in the long run. Here are some of the biggest advantages of having a spray tan tent:

  • More flexibility. Maybe you’re comfortable with your current location, but that doesn’t mean you should completely close off your business to future, remote opportunities. With the spring season underway and summer quickly approaching, think about all of the festivals and major events coming up like weddings. Having a booth set up at a festival for spray tanning is an easy and unique way to acquire new clients and to gain even more financial benefits. You also may acquire new clients who may be looking to hire you to do spray tans for their wedding. Some brides would prefer to have a spray tanning artist on-site rather than having to rush to a salon or office for their tan. When you purchase a spray tanning tent you will gain the ability to take your business on the road. Remember, more flexibility means more business.

  • Easy cleanup. Maybe the reason you’ve shied away from taking your spray tanning business on the road in the past was because you dreaded having to clean up at the end of the day. However, when you use a spray tanning tent you’ll have nothing to worry about. Spray tanning tents allow for very easy cleanup. They fold up very easily allowing you to store them away with ease. It also protects against overspray and other issues meaning you won’t have to worry about getting the solution on the floor, walls, furniture, or other areas and causing a mess. Think of the spray tanning tent as the pack-and-play of the tanning world.
  • High-quality and affordable. Cost is never an issue when you choose a spray tanning tent from Artesian Tans. We offer only the highest quality tents from leading brands like California Tan and Kahuna Bay Tan. Our tents come at a low cost, but quality is never compromised. You’re guaranteed to receive a tent made of the highest quality materials that promise your clients will receive their best spray tan yet no matter where you choose to set up your business for the day.

Spray tanning tents are a must for any spray tan business owner. When you order your spray tanning tent you’ll be able to set up your business anywhere at any time and reap in all of the benefits including new clients, new possibilities, and endless financial rewards.

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