3 Tips for Applying Dancing With The Stars Self-Tanning Solution

3 Tips for Applying Dancing With The Stars Self-Tanning Solution

Let’s face it – we all enjoy watching Dancing With The Stars. Even people who claim they hate this show are secretly dreaming of participating in it and meeting their A-list celebrity idols. Unfortunately, not everybody has the opportunity or the luck to appear on TV and perform with these famous stars.

However, there IS one thing that can bring you closer to this dream – having that perfect Dancing With The Stars tan.

Enter Dancing With The Stars Self-Tanning Solution!

If you seek a product that will make your tan look exactly like those celebrities, you must first know where to buy dancing with the stars self-tanner, but more importantly – learn how to make the most of it by applying it properly on your skin.

Since the quality of your tan is directly related to the application process of this product, make sure you check out the following 3 tips for applying Dancing With The Stars self-tanning solution.

Let’s get busy & tanned, too!

Tip #1: Apply to clean, lightly exfoliated skin

To achieve best results, you must apply the self-tanner smoothly and quickly to clean, lightly exfoliated skin. We recommend using a Norvell Tanning Mitt, but make sure to use sparingly near elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists.

When applying to face, lightly blend into the hairline, and by all means, avoid contact with lips and eyes.

Tip #2: Minimize over-absorption

Minimizing over-absorption of tanning solution into palm and cuticles is crucial, so make sure you apply moisturizer to the following areas:

  • cuticles
  • under-side of fingers
  • palms

NOTE: Apply it BEFORE application.

Tip #3: Be patient

Wanting to go out as soon as possible and show the world your new tan is perfectly understandable, especially when the product is as good as Dancing With The Stars self-tan, but you must muster all your patience and wait at least 8 hours before exposing your newly tanned skin to:

  • showering
  • rain
  • sweating
  • or any kind of water activity (especially chlorinated pools!)

So, now that you know where to buy dancing with the stars self-tanner and how to apply it properly, go knock yourself out with it and make others envy your perfectly bronzed skin tan. The perfect tan shouldn’t be a privilege reserved only for celebrities.

Please use the comments section below to let us know if these tips were helpful and if you are happy with the results. 

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