4 Essentials for Your Spray Tan Business

Whether you're starting your own spray tanning business or upgrading your salon, it's important to have the best quality equipment on the market to provide your customers with a beautiful, long-lasting tan. Consider these top essentials you will need for your spray tan business.

  1. HVLP Spray Tan MachinesHVLP spray tan machines are the most popular, effective and widely used equipment for achieving a fast, streak-free spray tan. HVLP spray tan machines can give your clients beautiful bronze skin in less than six minutes, which is about ¼ of the time it takes to achieve the same bronze glow with conventional spray tan equipment. Their ease of use, affordable cost, limited overspray and portability are what make HVLP machines so popular. Fuji Spray, California Tan, MaxiMist, Norvell, and Kahuna Bay all make high quality HVLP spray tan machines.
  2. Spray Tan Tents – Spray tan tents are essential for mobile tanning services and spray tanning salons. These pop up spray tanning tents quickly pop up into shape and easily fold up for storage and travel. A spray tan tent prevents the overspray of solution from going everywhere, so that there is minimal solution to clean up. Kahuna Bay and California Tan are among the best brands of pop up tents.
  3. Spray Tan Solutions – Because not everyone's skin tones are the same, you'll need to have several different spray tan solutions. You need a solution with a low DHA percentage for fair skin tones and a solution with a high DHA percentage for olive skin tones, as well as one that’s in between. All of our sunless spray tanning solutions at Artesian Tan are made with the finest exotic natural and organic ingredients.
  4. Towels – Make sure your salon has plenty of dark colored towels for cleaning up excess solution. It's best to choose black or brown towels because they will do the best job of concealing the solution.

Artesian Tan provides the best spray tanning equipment on the market. Visit us online to shop spray tan equipment from the industry's top brands.

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