5 Secrets for Sexy Winter Spray Tans

5 Secrets for Sexy Winter Spray Tans

‘Tis the season for holiday parties galore! You bought the perfect body hugging, skin-showing dress, and now you need a  sexy spray tan to go with it. The trick for a sexy spray tan is to look natural and glowing, and not like you just got a spray tan. Nothing feels more delicious than looking your absolute holiday best.

With cooler weather, you may want to tweak your spray tan routine so you can still achieve a gorgeous natural-looking glow that lasts. Follow these  tan tips for a sexy spray tan this season.

  1. Smoothing & Exfoliation

As the weather gets colder, we reach for more and more clothing layers to keep us warm. Because we’re covering up, it’s easy to skip shaving and exfoliating in the shower. It’s so chilly that we just want to get in and out of the shower, and into a snuggly sweatshirt as quickly as possible. Try taking the chill off with a hot bath. Shaving and exfoliating in a bath provides a smooth finish like no other. Plus you can’t beat the calming and relaxation benefits of a lovely winter bath. Before your spray tan, don’t forget to thoroughly smooth and exfoliate all over so your tan will gorgeously adhere to your skin.

2. Lather Up!

What else comes along with colder winter temperatures? Drier skin! Make sure you are stocked up with your after tan lotions. Better yet, moisturize and boost your color with Norvell Spray Tan Extender. This moisturizer with color control quenches thirsty winter skin with antioxidants and vitamins, while providing a hint of color to build or extend your gorgeous glow. It’s important to keep skin moisturized to extend your spray tan. If elbows, knees, or other areas of your body are feeling extra dry, consider adding a little extra moisturizer when you’re prepping for your spray tan session.

3. Don’t Wash Your Hands

It’s not what you think. We recommend not washing your hands after your spray tan application until you shower (about 8 hours). This is especially important in the winter because of the drying weather. If washed before the spray tan properly develops, you risk a splotchy, faded color on your hands. That’s not sexy. We know you need to stay healthy, so consider using baby wipes instead.

4. Stay On The Nice List

You can be sexy and still be nice, right?! If you're making your holiday gift list, consider adding some spray tan goodness to your list. Drop a hint to your significant other that you're eyeing a spray tan package, so you're sure to be glowing all season long. Let’s be real, it’s a gift for him too. If you’re a salon owner, maybe you’re eyeing a shiny new spray tan machine. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays!” like a business upgrade. Start your wish list by browsing Artesian Tan’s spray tan machines and wholesale retail products.

5. Pack Your Bags!

Why does the holiday season make everyone so stressed? We don’t have the answer to that, but we do have the answer to making sure your spray tan appointment doesn’t stress you out even more. The key to a seamless spray tan session is to prep, prep, prep. Make sure to pack loose-fitting clothes to wear home if you’re coming from work or school. Don’t forget sandals and a towel for the seat of your car. No one looks beautiful when they’re stressed, so make sure to plan ahead for a stress-free—and streak-free—spray tan session.

Now it’s time to schedule your spray tan appointment! With these tips, you’ll have the sexiest tan of all the land. Now, go get glowing.

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