5 Tips for Creating a Successful Spray Tan Blog

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Spray Tan Blog

Gone are the days of snappy copy, glossy magazine ads, giant billboards, and mediocre jingles – these days creating a successful spray tan blog is the way to get the word out about your business.

Creating a successful blog is the way to go if you want your customers, and your potential customers, to turn to your blog anytime they need information, to trust your business, and then to choose your salon for their spray tan sessions. After all, once they try out the tips and tricks from one of your blog posts, they are much more likely to turn to your salon when they need a spray tan. Simply, the more you help your customers, the more they will help you.

So, how do you create a successful blog anyway?

1. Where is your blog?

The first thing you need is a blogging platform. Where will your blog be hosted? Is it easily accessible?

The best thing you can do is have it prominently displayed on your website. The moment someone sees your home page, they should find a blog tab or button they could press that would lead them straight to your blog page.

Consider having a side bar, or a part of your homepage, dedicated to showing off the most recent posts.

2. Know your audience

Are the people who you’re trying to reach spray tan newbies or veterans? Are they interested in the process behind the spray tan or are they more interested in what colors to wear that would best show off their tan?

Each segment of your audience will be interested in a different thing – don’t make the mistake of giving them useless advice!

Make sure you know who you’re trying to connect to before you start writing. After all, someone who’s trying to figure out what shade would work best for their skin won’t be tempted to click on a post that describes the new line of airbrushes!

3. Content is Key

Once you know who you want to visit your blog (maybe it’s both newbie and veteran spray tanners!), you can easily figure out what to write about. Even here, the way you write and present your blog plays a role.

What kind of tone should you use in your posts? Should it be formal or informal? Knowing your audience and checking out the more popular blogs in the industry might help with this.

Another question you should ask yourself is if your readers would prefer long, in-depth blog posts or something short and sweet? Experiment with posts and see which ones do best!

4. Consistency

When it comes to publishing blog posts, don’t be inconsistent. Your readers should know when to expect new content. Don’t make your readers scratch their heads over when they can get new tips – that’ll only make them forget about your blog, and worse – forget all about your salon.

5. Communication

Engage, engage, engage! Without publicizing your blog, no one will know it exists. So share your posts all over social media. Also, make sure you have functional sharing buttons for each blog post – that way your readers can share your content with the least amount of trouble. Another good way to keep your readers updated with the newest post is to make a newsletter.

However, when it comes to engagement, nothing is better than actually talking to your readers. Respond to comments, tweets, and likes. Ask them what they would like to read next, their favorite spray tanning trick, ask them to share and comment on your stories – keep the conversation going.

What are you waiting for? Make a plan and start writing!

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