6 Sunless Tanning Products to Keep Your Clients Glowing Through Autumn

6 Sunless Tanning Products to Keep Your Clients Glowing Through Autumn

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean your flawless tan has to be. As every sunless tanning technician knows, all it takes to keep a dark tone that never goes out of style is a quick stop in their shop! Every artist is only as good as the tools and materials they use, and that’s why we’ve chosen to highlight some of our favorite products to improve upon your already fabulous services. Don’t let your prodigious talents be held back by sub-par solutions and bronzers this fall. Give these products a try and be sure to check out the rest of our unbeatable variety of sunless tanning products from the top brands in the industry. Your clients will love the added benefits of these products, bringing them back to the salon where they received their best-ever spray tan!

Kahuna Bay Tan’s Awaken Anti-Aging Extra Dark Spray Tan Solution





Raising the bar of what is possible from an anti-aging spray tan solution, Awaken fades more slowly and evenly than any solution you’ve used before. As any sunless tanning aficionado would know, Kahuna Bay has a stellar reputation for developing products that are beneficial for the skin without sacrificing results and this solution is no different. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C Liposomes which condition the skin and assist in minimizing its aging free radicals. Advanced moisturization is yet another benefit, with a formulation that includes aloe extracts. Finally, your clients will be in for a pleasant surprise with a delightful scent that can be customized. All of these features combine to defy what is typically expected from a spray tan, making your business stand out from other sunless tanning salons!

Norvell’s Venetian Plus Sunless Spray Tan Solution

Yet another solution in a long line of Norvell breakthrough formulas, Venetian Plus boosts skin’s inherent glow by incorporating micro-nutrients to deliver essential vitamins and antioxidants. The all-natural formula dovetails with your color selection to create a custom-shaded tan based on each customers’ unique skin tone. You will be able to instantly recognize the difference that the dermal barrier makes, locking in the solution’s DHA to the top layer of skin for deeper and longer lasting results. Natural enzymes and time-release micro capsules not only boost skin’s moisture to their ideal level, but also work to repair cells over an extended period of time. Customers will leave your studio ready to flaunt their flawless tan to the world thanks to the products’ pleasant fragrance, advanced DHA odor encapsulation molecules, and of course your exceptional spray artistry!

St Tropez’s Express Bronzing Mist

As you can read in our previous blog post, showering is a critically important step in the sunless tanning process and the technology behind St Tropez’s Express Bronzing Mist emphasizes this even further. This is due to the mist’s fast acting ingredients and intelligent shade technology, which absorb quickly into the skin and allow for the selection of the depth of color by simply showering when satisfied with the results. Clients will rave about the enhancement this bronzer makes to their chosen tan, as well as the pleasant scent and silky-smooth feeling that the aromaguard fragrance technology and naturally derived ingredients provide.

Kahuna Bay Tan’s Spray Tanning Solution Sample Pack

For one of the best values on the market, Kahuna Bay Tan’s Spray Tanning Solution Sample Pack allows you to try each of their world-famous solutions separately before purchasing larger quantities of you favorite. This ability ultimately reduces expenses that your business would incur when researching products that can improve your services. Packaged within 8 oz bottles that each deliver 4 complete spray tans, the set includes Kahuna Bay’s Artesian Blend, Awaken Anti-Aging Blend, Hawaiian Blend, Kahuna Melange, and Kahari Rapid Tan. Learn which of these solutions you enjoy working with the most and which features appeal most to your customers, all for an unbeatable value.

California Tan’s Color Perfecting Complex Dark Tinted Spray Tan Solution

One of the most adaptive solutions that we carry, California Tan’s Color Perfecting Complex line features their Color Perfecting Complex technology which masterfully adjusts to all skin tones. No matter how dark your clients prefer their tan, the Bronzextend Blend in their formulas ensures a flawless color through the combination of DHA and Erythrulose. That is not the only notable combination in this solution though; the Triple Moisture Sensation and aloe vera work to lock in moisture for a soothing deep hydration plus a longer lasting spray tan. Any sunless tanning salon looking for an unbelievably adaptable solution that consistently delivers results would do well to give the Color Perfecting Complex a try.

Australian Gold’s Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender

Australian Gold’s Hamp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender is a must-have offering for any spray tan business for its ability to enhance all of these aforementioned phenomenal products as well as any other solutions you might utilize. Its pure hemp seed oil works wonders in replenishing your clients’ thirsty skin with essential fatty and amino acids for guaranteed smoothness. Australian Gold expertly blends vitamins, a HydraRich Blend, an Age Defying Blend, and Soft Focus Microspheres to help protect skin against signs of aging, to provide natural radiance, and to prolong color. After witnessing the positive effect that Hemp Nation products have on your spray tan masterpiece, you will never hesitate to recommend this secret post-tanning extender to your clients.

Don’t restrict your talents as a sunless tanning technician; try some of these incredible products to improve your services and exceed your customers’ expectations. We carry a complete range of sunless tanning products from some of the most renowned brands in the industry. Visit our website to discover this exceptional selection which is trusted by salons throughout the country and learn about our wholesale program that can help to boost your business’ profits. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for some of the best sunless tanning-related content around!

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