Basic Marketing For Newbie Salon Owners

Basic Marketing For Newbie Salon Owners

Are you a new spray tanning salon owner? First off, congratulations! Second off, Artesian Tan is here to help! Owning a spray tanning salon can be a profitable business. Not to mention, it’s fun! So, you purchased the equipment, spray tanning solution, towels, furniture, etc. Now, what’s next?

Once you get your business up and running, customers need to be able to find you. It’s important to get the word out about your business. Let’s face it, you probably started your spray tanning salon because you’re a tanning expert, not a marketing expert. This may be true, but you’re a business owner now. It’s time to become a business and marketing expert too. Where to start? Let’s take a moment to review some basic salon marketing tips.

Word Of Mouth Buzz

If you already have a customer base, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s okay too. Start building your customer base with people you already know, like friends and family. Tell them about your business and ask them to come in for a complimentary tan. Everyone will be asking where they got their gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Friends and family members can be your best advocates and even your best customers. Give them business cards to hand out so they can spread the word. Once you’ve started building your clientele, consider implementing a referral program. Offer loyal customers a complimentary tan, or retail product of their choice, when someone they refer books a tan.

Pricing Strategy And Special Offers

Offering a trial package to new customers is a great way to get them in the door, and hopefully coming back! A package of five spray tans is a low-risk entry package for new customers who want to try your service before they commit to more. Provide incentives for regular customers. For example, offer a complimentary tan every tenth session. When determining your pricing, bundling is a smart strategy. The more a customer buys, the less they pay per single tan. For example, a single spray tan might cost $35. If a customer buys a package of ten spray tans, then the price per tan decreases to $28. This is smart because your customer spends more upfront and has the incentive to return.

Create Your Brand Identity

Artesian Tan offers marketing collateral to help you market your business. Sunless tanning posters, window clings, banners, and flags are helpful marketing tools to let potential customers know about your business. A professional brand designer can help you create a cohesive look and feel for your brand. It’s also important to define what makes your salon unique. Are you the only salon in your area to offer the best spray tanning solution? Or are you the official salon for the professional dancers and cheerleaders in your area? It takes time and effort to build these types of brand perception. Claim the market share you want by getting your name out there and meeting the right people.

Website And Social Media

An online presence is important for any new business. Create a website with features that provide a seamless user experience. Many salons allow customers to book appointments online. Make it easy for your customers to book, cancel, and change their appointment online.

Social media is an inexpensive and effective tool for reaching potential customers. Get your Instagram account up and running, even if your website isn’t ready yet. The key to a successful Instagram account is consistency. Post something every day, even multiple times per day, to generate top of mind awareness. For a spray tanning salon, content is easy! Show off the gorgeous glow of each of your happy customers. Talk about the many occasions, from weddings to vacations, for which potential customers need a spray tan.

Retail Products

Offering a retail section in your salon is important. Why? When customers leave your salon, they need the proper education and tools to maintain the look of their tan. It also means they’re spending more money, which is great for business. Explain the benefits of moisturizing with a sunless tanning formula infused with DHA and antioxidants. Provide tips for gradually building a stunning golden glow. Offer retail products, like California Tan Sunless-Color Maximizer or the Sunless Maintenance Sample Pack. Artesian Tan retail products are infused with nutrients to prevent damage and maintain color longer. Providing these types of products allows your customer to get the most out of each spray tan session.

Marketing works best if you’re providing high-quality tans and best in class customer service. With Artesian Tans, you’ll have the best equipment, products, and knowledge. With these helpful tanning salon marketing ideas, your business is sure to be successful. Now, it’s time to get started!

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