4 Best After Tanning Moisturizers

4 Best After Tanning Moisturizers

We all love how tanned and sleek skin looks and feels. Whether you acquired your bronze color through natural sunbathing or you deployed a sunless method of your own choice, tanned skin is pretty much the very essence of one’s classy look and attractiveness. However, keeping your skin tanned, healthy, and sleek isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

One of the basic mistakes people tend to make with their tan is thinking that their job is over once they’ve achieved the desired color. Making sure your skin stays tanned, moisturized, and sleek is what makes all the difference, which is why investing in tanning moisturizers is just as important as using quality self-tanning products.


Benefits of using Tanning Moisturizers

Using proper after tanning lotions is essential when it comes to keeping and restoring the elasticity in your skin cells, thus keeping that annoying post-tanning dryness at bay.

Some of the healthiest skin benefits of using quality after tan moisturizer products include:

    Cool skin 

    If you feel like your skin sometimes has difficulties returning to its regular, semi-cool temperature right after your tanning session, you should definitely start using tanning moisturizers. These lotions help your skin get rid of the sensation of heat and can rather quickly restore the feeling of comfort across your skin and body.

    No wrinkles 

    Some of the best after tanning moisturizer lotions are able to boost your skin cell volume and therefore ward off lines and wrinkles.

    Replenished nutrients 

    Much like any other organ in your body, your skin needs proper nutrients to stay healthy and young. Restoring essential nutrients is crucial for those with newly acquired skin tan, especially if you are using tanning beds.


    Using after tan moisturizer products will prevent your tan from fading quickly.


    Your skin will receive sufficient hydration, which is also extremely important for those who want to keep their skin as healthy and as young-looking as possible.

    Here are 4 best after tanning moisturizer products:

    • Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

    Scent: PomegranatePrice: $11

    This amazing product contains hemp seed oil, which means it is packed with fatty and amino acids that are blended with antioxidants like the pomegranate extract. Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer is a vitamin-rich lotion that will do wonders for your tanned skin and help you restore its natural glow. Since it is also a paraben-free formula, it is great for sensitive skin types as well.

    • Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Lotion

    Scent: Vanilla/CitrusPrice: $7

    This affordable lotion has a two-fold impact on your skin: it keeps your skin hydrated via vitamin E and aloe vera, while it also conditions your tanned skin so the color sticks around for longer periods of time.

    • Juicy Daily Moisturizer by Designer Skin

    Scent: White PeachPrice: $60

    For those who are willing to spring for a bit pricier product, we recommend Juicy Daily Moisturizer by Designer Skin, one of our favorites after tan moisturizer lotions available on the market. Its potent conditioning powers will keep your tan on for weeks, while your skin will also stay silky soft and elastic.


    • Forever After All Day Moisturizer by Australian Gold

    Scent: VanillaPrice: $28

    Somewhere in the middle, when it comes to the price/features ratio, comes Forever After All Day Moisturizer by Australian Gold. This great tanning moisturizer will keep your skin healthy and soft, while its powerful anti-aging blend will also keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

    What is your favorite after tan moisturizer? Feel free to mention it in the comments section, and explain why you love it so much! For more similar articles, and some great deals on spray tanning equipment and lotions, visit Artesian Tan website

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