The Best Spray Tan For Your Skin Type

The Best Spray Tan For Your Skin Type

When you go to your spray tan appointment, there’s one question that might catch you off guard: “How light or dark do you want to go?” If you’re a new client, it’s a question you may not have considered. Without experience, it’s easy to feel confused. Even if it’s not your first spray tan, this question brings up even more questions. Should you go darker? Should you go lighter? To answer these questions, salon professionals use a tanning scale based on various characteristics of your skin.

Spray tan tones vary from light to dark. The skin type scale is used to help guide you towards your ideal shade of spray tan colors. Knowing your skin type is helpful when you’re asked that golden question.

Skin type is decided by answering the following questions:

  • How easily do you burn?
  • What color are your eyes?
  • What is your natural hair color?
  • What is your natural skin color?
  • How does your skin respond to sun?
  • Does you skin tan?
  • How deeply do you tan?

A client with ivory or pale skin color, light hair color, light eye color, who always burns and rarely tans might consider a light tone of a  gradual tanning solution. If you're unsure how your skin responds to the sun or if your skin tans, we recommend starting out with a lighter spray tan color. Whether you go light or dark, your spray tan will require some maintenance, like a  tan extender lotion, to keep the color from fading fast.

As you are prepping for your spray tan appointment, review these skin type questions. While skin type is a major factor when choosing your spray tan color, it’s also based on personal preference. You know your body better than anyone else. The more you tan, the more you’ll know your own comfort level. 

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