Best Tanning Solution for Bodybuilders – We've Got You Covered!

Best Tanning Solution for Bodybuilders – We've Got You Covered!

At Artesian Tan, we take great pride in knowing that many athletes have competed and won national and international competitions, like the Arnold Classic and IFBB, while using our Tanning Solution.

We've all seen them. Muscle-bound men and women, with bulging arms and thighs, wide shoulders and narrow hips. Bodybuilders and figure competitors showcase the pinnacle of the human body's aesthetics. One other thing they share in common is the competition tan highlighting their pleasing physique's every little hard-earned detail. Some might say that this is the easiest part, since all you have to do is apply Refining Prep Gel by Kahuna Bay Tan, Competition Airbrush Tanning Solution, and voila, you have yourself a stage-ready athlete! Unfortunately, it's not that easy!

While tanning for competitions shouldn't be too much of a hassle, it does differ from conventional spray tanning methods, let’s take a look at some of the differences.

First, these athletes put their body and skin through a lot. Dryness related to excessive sweating, water rationing, strict diets, and added stress from intense training sessions all worsens their already stressed skin. Ample moisturization and exfoliation before applying the sunless tanning solution should be a permanent part of an athletes spray tanning prep.

Second, the competitors are under stage lights, sometimes in unique outfits. With that in mind, the aim is to accumulate and highlight muscle definition. For this, you need a color that will define and draw attention to that physique while on stage. Posing is also a crucial area that the athletes can be graded on. To make sure there are no white patches, particular attention must be paid to underarms and gluteal region for an even tan.

The technique of applying competition spray tan solution is another thing one should keep in mind. The goal here is to contour the muscles, not hide them! Use slower strokes than you would do with a standard tan, and also be sure to use two coats of a medium-to-dark solution, but don't go too heavy with the underarms and face. Apply the first coat 2-3 days before the show itself, so you can assess if any touch-ups are needed.

Apply Comp Tan Competition Tanning Touch Up on the day of the competition, right before hitting the stage. This is an excellent way to avoid streaking, running or blotching from being sprayed the night before. If it's impossible to add it right before hitting the stage, the results will be better.

Exfoliating properly with an oil-free exfoliant is also key because the skin has to be as fresh as possible for the tan. The entire body should be shaved before getting a spray tan.

As it turns out, competition spray tanning process is a bit more complex and demanding, both for the tanning technician and the client. Luckily, Artesian Tan still offers the best solution for bodybuilders. The Comp Tan Body Building competition spray tan solution gives an ideal blend for a competition, while the Comp Tan professional airbrush spray tanning solution gives fantastic results. The ingredients will help with moisturizing the skin throughout the whole tanning process. This helps with maintaining the "moist-skin" look under those sizzling stage lights. The before mentioned product line does not contain alcohol or other chemicals which may often cause dry skin and allergic reactions.

So, next time you're planning to hit the stage or preparing a client for a show, give us a call, we can help you to achieve the best stage-look possible! 

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