Can You Get a Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Can You Get a Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Sought after for the gorgeous glow that highlights your healthy skin and the confidence this delivers, spray tans are enjoyed by an incredibly wide audience of people. The science and formulas behind the practice are not always properly understood, even by the most regular spray tanners. This often leads to confusion amongst the general public and some very important questions. It is the job of spray tan technicians and all of us in the industry to be knowledgeable about these topics, answering your questions and clearing up any myths that surround the service.

One of these common questions that often gets asked of us by expecting mothers is: Can you get a sunless tan while pregnant? This is an incredibly important question asked by mothers who are concerned about the health of their unborn child. You should also always consult your doctor before getting a spray tan while pregnant, but today we will explore many aspects of sunless tanning – from ingredients to the procedure, in order to thoroughly provide an answer that applies to most.

he Service

Typically performed within salons (though mobile spray tan businesses are becoming increasingly common), technicians utilize a spray tanning gun to evenly coat all areas of the body with spray tan solution. Professionals within our industry will have supplies to mitigate residual effects of the service including hair nets, disposable undergarments to prevent discoloration of clothing, and fans and nose plugs to prevent inhalation. However, it is important for customers to be aware of these standard offerings in case their current salon does not provide them. As we discuss the topic of spray tanning while pregnant in further detail, these products (particularly the ventilation fans and nose plugs) are essential to mitigating any potential risks. Therefore, you should insist that your spray tanning provides them or consider searching for a new salon.

The Products

Depending on the salon you frequent and shade of color you desire, the solutions and after-tan products used will vary. At Artesian Tan we even carry a wide of products with organic ingredients that can be requested for your appointment. One thing that will not vary between solutions are the sugar and mineral based ingredients, with the main active one being dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Reacting with cells in the outer layer of skin, DHA produces a brown pigment called melanoidin, which is the source of skin coloring. DHA is non-toxic and is not thought to go beyond the outer layer of skin. Tests conducted on solutions thus far have shown that the ingredients do not enter your body (unless they are inhaled), making them completely harmless. 


Due to the harmless nature of the solutions to your health and the health of your baby, doctors generally find spray tans during pregnancy to be completely fine. However, they do caution that because of the unknown long-term effects, the most worrisome area of the service would be the potential inhalation of any solution. If you are at all concerned by this aspect of the service, the use of proper ventilation fans and nose plugs can help you to eliminate any risks involved. As we previously discussed, these precautions are standard at most salons. However, it is important check with your technician that this is the case before getting a spray tan.

Changes in hormone levels of expecting mothers can also lead to increased sensitivity of the skin, which pregnant clients should be aware of. Ask your technician to test the solution they are planning to use on a small area of your skin and wait to see if a reaction occurs. Following these simple tips will help to ensure that your experience goes smoothly, not only delivering you a gorgeous tan, but also protecting the health of yourself and your unborn child.

Should You Do It?

Every woman has a choice to make about what they feel is good and bad for their body and child during pregnancy. If proper tools are used, the benign ingredients found in spray tanning solutions should put you at ease about having a gorgeous tan during this beautiful stage in your life. Talking to your doctor about the service is still critical to caring for the health of your child. The worst-case scenario that most will suggest is simply waiting until after the first trimester, at which point when there is essentially no risk.

Want to learn more about spray tanning tools or solutions to suggest that your technician utilize on your body during pregnancy? We carry an unbeatable variety of spray tanning products from the best brands in the industry. Visit our website to discover our exceptional selection, which is trusted by salons throughout the country. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for some of the best spray tanning-related content around!

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