Celebs with the Perfect Tan

Celebs with the Perfect Tan

There are no tans we covet more than those applied flawlessly and donned with the expert confidence of celebrities. It’s hard to tell who’s naturally bronzed year-round under the California sun and which celebs are dishing out for the highest end spray tan solution the day before big events.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen our fair share of celebrity fake tan disasters- it happens to the best of us! But today, we hone in on the insight of eight famous personalities who continually give us a glimpse of the perfect glow.

Here are the top tips on how to tan like a celebrity from the celebrities themselves:

  • Kim Kardashian. Kim swears by Cindy Barshop's Completely Bare in New York. The salon is well known for its support of St. Tropez Tanning products, which we absolutely agree are amazing. The air and light formula gives instant color to any skin tone and best of all, they leave skin smelling delightfully fragrant. No chemical odors here.
  • Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba has to earn our best celebrity tan award. Her skin is flawless and aglow any time of the year. Famously, Alba is all about treating her skin healthily inside and out. The mega-celebrity and health brand owner toots her tan by using bronzing spray with hydrating botanicals, antioxidants, and tons of essential oils. Most importantly, she insists on eco-friendly aerosol which makes the application easy, safe and fun!
  • Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo is blessed with a perma-glow, but that doesn’t keep the beauty queen from enhancing her color with a tinted body lotion. Tinted lotions are an amazing way to prolong bronze color and keep your skin hydrated. When it comes to the perfect glow, there is nothing more important than moisturized skin!
  • Kylie Jenner. Is there any beauty tip Kylie doesn't execute flawlessly? The beauty product pro knows that the first part of the sunless tan to fade is the face. To make sure that her tan does not dissolve unevenly, Kylie sleeps with a spray on bronzer overnight to make sure her face keeps the tan.
  • Lara Bingle. The Aussie ‘It Girl’ always has perfect skin, and she puts in the work to keep a glow to match it. Lara makes sure to moisturize daily (noticing a pattern??). For any streaks she gets from spray tanning, Bingle uses lemon. She swears by running the citrus over the streaks and buffing the area with a damp towel- voila! Back to smooth. She also recommends tanning after any other beauty upkeep like manicures, hair coloring or getting waxed. Any of these can remove sunless color.
  • Karlie Kloss. The Midwest native is no stranger to needing a little help with a tan! To get the most natural glow, the supermodel is a big fan of using bronzer for instant color.
  • A fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel alum, Jasmine Tookes has especially good luck with layering her products for the best glow. Don’t ever skimp out on the sunscreen when under the sun, and remember it makes a great base for bronzing products that help keep up a sunless tan.

And there you have it, the best tips from the best tan-ees we know!

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If you have any questions while shopping and getting your tan on, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Artesian Tan beauty team!

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