Checklist For Every Spray Tanning Salon

Checklist For Every Spray Tanning Salon

If you found a perfect place to open your spray tanning salon and get into spray tanning business, you're only halfway there. Now comes the part where you need to make an impression and attract loyal customers and at the same time develop a brand image that will make you stand out from the rest of the spray tanning salons out there.

Here's a checklist of the most important features a spray tanning salon needs to have to develop a steady business. Happy customers are crucial to the success of a tanning salon. 

That's why we are going to start from your customer's point of view, so the first thing on your checklist should be:

1. Consultation space

A cozy space with an approachable front desk is alway a winning option. Here you can have a quick chat with your customer, give them the information they need, and then you can proceed to show them around. Which leads us to the:

2. Storage for personal items

After the consultation, show your customer a place to store their personal belongings. Wall lockers are the best option, as it shows your customer that you respect their privacy and that you want them to feel pleasant at your salon.

3. Preparing for the airbrush tan

Here's where your special skills regarding spray tanning really get the opportunity to shine. Make sure that all the salon tanning supplies are visible to your customer, with all the brands you have available in your salon. While your customer undresses, you have enough time to prep the custom solution for their appointment. Don’t forget to offer them a disposable thong, a shower cap, sticky feet and a barrier cream. All of these are essential salon tanning supplies; every spray tanning salon needs to have.

4. After the appointment

Once you're done, wipe your customers' palms, nails, and toes with baby wipes to remove any excess solution. Be careful not to smear any color!

At the end, have a quick chat with your customer about maintaining and preserving the color and give them answers to any questions they may have. They're guaranteed to remember you as friendly and professional!

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