Chris Pratt - a Lesson Learned in Whole Body Spray Tanning

Chris Pratt - a Lesson Learned in Whole Body Spray Tanning

You may know a bunch of celebrities who spray tan. You may even have had to pleasure to work with some of them, helping them get tanned for a role or a special event. Sunless tanning is quite common among celebrities, and they usually prefer only the best treatment.

However, what happens when things get out of hand?

Chris Pratt wasn’t afraid to get a spray tan for a movie role. He may be now. 

You know those funny spray tan pictures? 

Well, Pratt posted his own, where he shows off his glow, displaying his bronzed arms resting on his pale legs.

It was pretty clear from the picture that the movie star only had an upper-body spray tan session, which, from his Instagram post, kind of looks like “a spray tanning disaster” as professionals in the industry would describe it.

The movie star may have opted out of a full-body session, and by posting the picture of his mismatched tan himself, he eluded the media gossip, however, let’s hope that he got rid of it once he didn’t need it for the film anymore.

Let’s be honest, a spray tan looks the best when it’s applied to the whole body. That’s what gives that wow-you-look-so-amazing-and-so-healthy look and all that praise from your friends when they see you. Honestly, how would it look like if bodybuilders or figure competitors would only spray tan their upper or lower bodies? Exactly. Ridiculous. Okay, this may be a silly comparison, but no bride on her wedding day would get only half of a tan, knowing her dress will cover her legs.

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