7 Ways to Enhance Your Tanning Salon Experience

7 Ways to Enhance Your Tanning Salon Experience

Salon experience can make or break your business. Factors like distance and price are highly considered, but your most valued customers are your repeated loyalists. They come to your salon for the experience, not just bronze skin.

The best salons go above and beyond the tanning treatment and extend their relationships before and after the tan. Below are seven tips we’ve collected as both customers and business owners that will help ensure your customers are having the best tanning experience possible.

Artesian Tan’s 7 Tips for the Best Tanning Salon Experience

1. Professional booking process.

This is your initial introduction. The way you handle booking affairs will set the stage for what your clients can expect. If they are new, it is your golden opportunity to impress with the ease and professionalism of booking an appointment. If they frequent the salon, it’s a way to design consistency in their experience. They should know what to expect out of the booking process and have an enjoyable experience each time.

2. Pre-appointment experience.

Before it is time for the client’s appointment, reach out. Text them with a reminder and include a link for directions.

3. Pre-tan tips.

Email the customer the best pre-tan tips a few days before the appointment. Regular tanners can always use the reminder, and new tanners will be able to plan their week accordingly. Making this touch point also establishes a relationship with the client by providing a sense of encouragement for their upcoming appointment.

4. Relaxing environment.

Create a relaxing environment where the customer will feel comfortable. Most people tan naked, so the experience is very personal. Keep a pleasant room temperature that makes the customer at ease- not so cold that they feel exposed and not so warm that they sweat. Having some color or art on the wall creates a homier feel, further increases customer comfort.

5. Keep up-to-date airbrush tanning supplies.

The condition of your airbrush tanning equipment not only determines the perfection of the tan, but it reflects on your brand’s willingness to stay invested in top-of-the-line equipment for the most elite experience.

6. Keep rooms well stocked with disposables.

This includes sandals, hairnet caps, thong underwear, synthetic gloves, nose plug filters, body blotters, prep wipes, backless bra, mask, towelettes, eye protection and hair ties. Think of everything the client might need and provide it. Even if they don’t need these supplies (and many will not), your provision of them will let the customer know they are in good hands and creates a more luxurious, spa-like setting.Follow-up.

After the tan, follow up with your client. Ask which elements of the experience they enjoyed or which could use improvement. Customers appreciate the opportunity to give input, and you should value it! Their opinions are the sustenance of your brand. Ask if they followed any of the pre-tan tips and saw how the tan is lasting in comparison to other experiences.

Commit to each of these guiding principles in every appointment. Create consistency for your clients with your brand. Ask where you can improve, and adjust accordingly. Your commitment to experience will not go unnoticed, and you can expect it to be reflected generously in your profit performance.

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