Everything you need to know about tanning before a competition

Everything you need to know about tanning before a competition

If you've ever entered a physique competition, you probably know that an essential element of the whole process is getting a spray tan. Getting a competition tan is key to perform well, to present yourself on stage in the best way possible. Using a competition spray tan prior to the show makes it easier for the judges to see your physique. That being said, competitors often have a lot of questions regarding spray tanning, competition spray tan solutions and about the whole process in general.

In this article, Artesian Tan is going to give the readers a little insight in the dos and don'ts of competition spray tanning.

Primary differences

A competition tan is much more complex than a regular spray tan. For starters, this tan has to be absolutely perfect because the color of a competition tan is much more visible, so every little imperfection will be noticeable on stage.

1. One of the biggest problems competitors make is that they don't prepare properly. For instance, the most effective way to exfoliate in this case is with the Sunless Exfoliator by Kahuna Bay Tan before tanning as it offers the best results.

2.Trust is also vital. Some competitors attempt to change the tanning process. You should trust the company you hire to do the job. Experience and knowledge are crucial in competition spray tanning.

3. Clients should shave their entire body. Every showing area of the body needs to be hairless.

4. Leave the whole task to experienced professionals. Hire a sunless tanning company with experience and prestige, you can trust.

Preparation and Precautions

Shaving and showering before the tanning is crucial. Also, having hydrated skin is a must since it tans better than dehydrated skin. It might take a few sessions to get the perfect tan. Some people think they must have a certain number of coats prior to a show which isn't necessarily true. Every company is different, and they use various methods. Each business applies a number of layers, and every layer is different for each company.

There are also a few steps one should take to ensure that the tan stays on until the show. Wearing dark and loose clothing can do the trick. Also, avoiding robes and dresses also helps with maintaining a competition tan. Prolonged skin-on-skin contact will result in sweat marks. Wearing loose pants and a T-shirt, avoiding liquids and elastic materials will do the trick.

After the show…

Usually, competition spray tans last about a week. Another thing to keep in mind is that competition tans don't always fade evenly, so you have to be sure to moisturize with products that do not contain alcohol or mineral oil.

Other Advice

Make sure you always read the directions and also, follow the company's process you are working with. Proper preparation and wearing appropriate 'after tanning' attire is crucial. Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have during the appointment or prior to scheduling.

Finding the best spray tan provider

Honestly, this can be tough. People often think that competition spray tanning is a ride in the park and you just paint the person until they're dark enough. That's far from the truth. The process is very important, so doing research will ensure a perfect competition tan.

If you are looking for the best competition tanning solutions, you should consider taking a look at our wide palette of different options. Artesian Tan works only with the best companies to ensure that our clients and customers always get their desired results!

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