Facebook Marketing Tips for Spray Tanning Businesses

Facebook Marketing Tips for Spray Tanning Businesses

You probably already know that using Facebook marketing is key for any business. More than 2.5 billion people use Facebook every month and two third of users say they visit a local Facebook business page at least once a week. 

Potential clients are looking for a spray tan business like yours on Facebook. By understanding how to market your business correctly through Facebook and build a strategy, you can build your business effectively.

Here are our tips on how to grow your spray tan business through Facebook:

Share Valuable Content

Sharing content that is valuable on your business page is informative and engaging. Try posting tanning products, information about your business or staff, or any sales that are running to keep your audience engaged.

You can post pictures of your clients too (with their permission of course) to show your audience just what a great job you do spray tanning!

St. Tropez Facebook post -- an example of a way to engage.

Use Page Insights

Posting on Facebook is great for your business, however they should be optimized to reach a target audience. Try using Facebook’s Page Insights to schedule posts and see which posts are doing the best. 

After you post a few times, you can see how many people are liking, commenting, and sharing your posts. This can help you determine which posts are most engaging so you can post more similar content.

You can also evaluate at what time of day your posts are doing the best. This way, you can create a schedule for your high-performing Facebook posts. 

You can use a social media management platform, such as Hootsuite, to make it easier to post on multiple social media accounts at a time.

You can prioritize your Facebook page by scheduling posts at least three times per week. 

Owning a spray tan business can be very time consuming, so sitting down and scheduling your posts at the beginning of the week is an easy way to get all of your posts done.

Boost Your Posts

Obviously a great benefit of using Facebook to market your business is that it is free. However, some might feel the need to pay a little extra money to reach a wider audience.

If you notice that one of your posts is engaging well, try boosting the post to reach people that are outside of your network.

Bottom Line

Marketing on Facebook is not require rocket science. It does, however, require creativity and sharing content that will engage your audience.

By utilizing all three of these tips, you can quickly gain a following and a brand image for yourself. This can then lead to an increase in business and clients!

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