8 Fake Tan Tips You Should Know and Use

8 Fake Tan Tips You Should Know and Use

Don’t you think life is much better when you have a glossy, sun-kissed tan? Every outfit looks better on you, you look great in photographs, and you feel like you’ve just arrived from your vacation in the Maldives. In order to keep that feeling, we have all tried some fake tan products, no matter if it’s July or December.

But, unfortunately, you found yourself looking at your pictures proofing the fake tan mistakes that left you with stains and streaks all over, caused by irregular fading color.

Well, luckily, fake tan products came on point for the last few years, and we are here with an ultimate guide for applying them correctly, so you could feel like a Greek goddess every day of the year.

The Best Fake Tan Tips

1. It’s Time for a Scrub

The most important thing is to prepare your skin for a fake tan. Don’t skip this! You must exfoliate to remove all the dead cells and make your skin sleek, and prepare a soft surface for applying tan equally all over. Extra tip ladies, you should exfoliate your skin even if you are not planning to use fake tan to keep it healthy and sleek.

2. No Waxing or Shaving

Well, we don’t mean you should never wax. Just don’t do that 24 hours before and after applying your fake tan. The reason for that is simple: you need to ensure that your skin is smooth and cuts-free, and on the other hand, if you wax it after fake tan -- it will nullify all the work you’ve done.

3. Moisturizing Is a No-No…

We are sorry, but you have to restrain and put your hands off any moisturizers on the day you are applying fake tan, no matter how dry your skin feels. Also, you need to resist putting deodorant.

Good news is that you can moisturize dry areas like elbows, knees, hands, and feet.

4. Select the Right Tan Type for You

Can’t decide between a lotion, a mousse, or a spray? You need to know the difference: a lotion hydrates the skin the best. If you are in a hurry choose the mousse because it dries quickly. But, if you prefer a uniform tan, a spray is the best choice for you.

5. Use a Mitt

One of the best fake tan tips is: never ever, in any circumstances, use your bare hands. Buy a mitt that will ensure everything goes smoothly. Use it in sweeping motions (not circular) and you will have a flawless finish.

6. Ace Your Technique When It Comes To Your Face

When it comes to your face, tanning experts suggest that you should mix the product with a bit of moisturizer, and intently apply it on your face. That formula will do all the work and you will have a sun-kissed, patches-free tan, ready to go.

7. Take Care Of Your Tan

Your work isn’t done when you apply fake tan. After the HARD work is done, you need to nurture your tan, wearing loose clothing until your tan settles, avoiding workouts, and doing the dishes, etc. (it is not too much to ask, right?) for the next 6-8 hours. Just relax, and watch your tan going bronze.

8. Now You Are Ready To Moisturize!

After the period of 6/8 hours, you can shower (without shower gel, use just water). Feel free to use your moisturizer to hydrate your skin, and there you go!

It is not that hard to achieve a flawless, perfect faux skin glow, don’t you think? Follow our guide to avoid mistakes and gain seamless look, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach to us and we will gladly help you!

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