How to Get More Clients for Your Spray Tan Business

How to Get More Clients for Your Spray Tan Business

Buying the right spray tanning equipment and kicking off your own business isn’t too complicated, but keeping it alive and kicking can be quite a difficult task. Once your business is up and running, you need to make sure people are actually walking into your salon and making appointments. Your business should be all about the customers, but first, you need to learn how to get them.

Here we have a useful and concise guide on how to get more clients for your spray tan business:

Lesson 1: Know Your Target Audience

Unfortunately, you cannot sell your services to everyone, which means you must learn who your target clientele is. Marketing your services to everyone will only make your marketing strategy backfire.

This is exactly why you must find out exactly who your ideal clients are, and once you have this useful information - you must learn how to find them and cater to them the best way possible. This will definitely put you ahead of your local competitors.

In order to find your “ideal client,” you’ll need to the following question:

  • Given the type of your service, the city you are based in and your prices, who would need your services the most?
  • Who can identify with your product/services the most?
  • What are your successful competitors doing to attract customers?

When you discover who your target audience is and what exactly makes them go to YOU, not only will you be able to keep those clients, but – more importantly – attract new ones more effectively.

Lesson 2: Revolve Your Marketing Campaign Around Your Target Audience

Now it is time to cater to those ideal clients, and the best ways to do just that is to have a potent marketing strategy that will be able to reach those potential customers and turn them into revenue. 

Some of the most effective marketing ideas include:

  • Hiring a person who will know how to turn your social media pages into new customers.
  • Organizing photo sessions that will focus on real-life situations that your ideal client can relate to.
  • Offering discounts to those who fall into this group.
  • Running ads in the magazine they read the most.
  • Target these people on social media through paid ads.

Lesson 3: Connect With Your Target Audience On Social Media

Digital marketing is a huge part of any advertising campaign, and social media pages are your tools that will get the ball rolling. 

Here are some effective digital marketing strategy tips that you might want to consider:

  1. Use tags and hashtags and use them wisely.
  2. Check-ins are crucial.
  3. Private messaging about your services and discounts can be a nice way to connect with your customers.
  4. You must follow other people as well.
  5. Involve your business in local events that target your clientele.
  6. Cross-promoting via similar businesses is also quite a good strategy.

Lesson 4: Make Your Salon More Visible In The Eyes Of Google (Good SEO)

Just having a website and social media pages simply aren’t going to cut it, so you must make sure your SEO (search engine optimization) is on point as well. Investing in good SEO will make your business more visible online when your potential clients are using Google to search for spray tanning services in your area.

Here are some ways to become more visible in Google’s eyes:

  1. Acquire positive reviews online (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram…)
  2. Make sure your website is well structured and optimized.
  3. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly as more and more people use their smartphones to search online.

We at Artesian Tan hope you found this guide on How to Get More Clients for Your Spray Tan Business helpful. Should you have any more questions about the spray tanning business and/or you seek quality spray tanning equipment and solutions, do not hesitate to visit our website! 

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