How to grow your mobile spray tanning business

How to grow your mobile spray tanning business

Starting a spray tan business? Congratulation, go getter! There is nobody better than you to get this business rolling and take on the industry with your flare.

You have invested in the essentials. Your spray tan machine, spray tan solution of your choice, and of course, chic tent. You have registered your business, you have the proper licensing. Your first clients are on the books for their second appointments.

What’s next? Growth!

Growing your business is nothing shy of a challenge, but one with which you can have so much fun!

First, take advantage of online tools

Appointment Booking

Make it easy for clients to book appointments. You want your service to be user-friendly. Your service is not solely the tan. It is your marketing, outreach, booking system, website experience, reminder system, in-person time, quality of tan, product offering, and then follow-up and re-initiating the circle of communication. The easier booking is, the more likely clients are to get on the books. Once they have made an appointment, log their email for you outreach database. Staying in touch after appointments is just as important as getting in touch with new clients. Your best business will be your loyal business. Customer retention should be a top priority. This is the backbone of your client base; the foundation of your business!

What other online tools can you use to make your client experience more fluid? Automate reminders, follow-up appointment suggestions and always email to find out how clients enjoyed their experience. Feedback- and responding to it- is essential.

Social Media

Social media is everything right now. The reputation of your brand can dangle on a follower count and the number of likes per post. Get active on social media if you are not already and take it seriously. Build your accounts. Reach out aggressively to pursue relevant followings. Like and comments the posts of your clients, their friends and other, similar account pages on the network. Reach out to social media personalities who embody your brand and have substantial follower counts. See if you can work out a partnership that is mutually beneficial. Having the endorsement of social media leaders will help spread the word about your brand faster than you can believe.

Take advantage of your accounts during promotions and holidays, getting the word out about special offers you have going on. Keep your accounts relevant to your service. Show off how great your clients look with their tans! Ask your clients to tag you in their photos, too. Every little bit will help.


Everybody loves a free-be! Now, you do not need to go around giving free tans. But get clever with incentives! If a client can sign a friend up for three sessions, offer a product package or a discount on future services. Run a social media challenge that results in a prize which your followers and clients genuinely covet.


If you did not heavily meditate on your brand name before beginning, it is worth revisiting. You will be responsible for some significant, duplicate legwork (like licensing, etc.), but your brand name sticks with you forever. Do the work now to avoid slow sales later.

When it comes to spray tan business names, get creative, but remember your ultimate goal: sales. You need clients to be able to find you if you want them to find you witty.

To get more insight on the ins and outs of growing your spray tan business, reach out to Artesian Tan. If you are just getting started, we have an excellent spray tan start kit that our dazzling team of experts can tell you all about. 

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