The History of Fake Tan

The History of Fake Tan

We’ve been wondering, when did tanning become popular? We decided to take a look at how spray tanning evolved. We give you:

A Timeline of the History of Fake Tan:

  • Before 1920: being tan is a sign of poverty. Pale, porcelain skin is the desire of most.
  • 1923: Coco Chanel walks the Cannes red carpet with a bronzed glow- a glow that was picked up mistakenly while yachting through the French Riviera.
  • Day after Cannes, 1923: Everybody wants a bronzed glow
  • 1950s: Women use tea bags to achieve a tan skin tone
  • 1960s: A product emerges using DHA, which interacts with amino acids on the skin’s surface to induce a browning effect.
  • 1980s: Doctors wise up and begin reporting on the negative consequences caused by too much time in the sun. Cue tanning beds- the first solution to achieving a glow without spending hours under the sun.
  • 1990s: Experts refine DHA products, finding ways to reduce the orange staining effect
  • Today: Sunless, DHA product proliferation. As everyone searched for the best spray tan solution on the market, spray tan products evolved rapidly. Suddenly, products were available to create a tanning base, to properly exfoliate, to secure the tan and keep skin in shape for the best results.

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