How do Kahuna Bay DHA Booster drops work?

How do Kahuna Bay DHA Booster drops work?

DHA in spray tans might sound like a mysterious, frightening addition, but it’s actually pretty harmless. A spray tan with DHA actually improves the color of the tan, which is why, if you want a deep, strong color, you just might want to grab Kahuna Bay DHA Booster Drops.

What is DHA in spray tan?

Dihydroxyacetone, as it's known in science, is merely glycerone. It’s simple carbohydrate that comes from plant sources (sugar, beets, sugar canes) combined with the fermentation of glycerin.

A little something about your skin:

Self-tanning solutions affect the epidermis, and this is why it fades. Dead skin cells are daily worn off the epidermis, and the tanning solution follows – as we lose dead skin cells, we lose our tans.

Epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, consists of several layers.

  • The surface layer, stratum corneum, is the layer of our skin that we can see and touch – this layer consists mostly of flattened dead skin cells and is affected by the self-tanning product.
  • The next layer is the translucent layer – this one is not necessarily always present. It’s found mostly on areas that suffer more friction and require more thickness of the skin.
  • The granular layer is where cells break down and where keratin is found. The process where cells break down is known as keratinization.
  • The prickle cell layer is the living layer of the epidermis. This is where keratin is pushed into the cells, which makes them tough and waterproof.
  • The last, basal, layer is the one that receives blood supply from the dermis.

How does DHA work?

DHA, an active ingredient of a DHA spray tanning solution, is applied on your skin by a low-pressure spray tan machine. DHA then causes a chemical reaction with the various amino acid groups. These groups belong to the keratin proteins found in the epidermis.

When these amino acids react with DHA, various colors are produced – from yellow to brown. They are not melanin, the pigment found in deeper layers of the skin, but melanoids. Unlike melanin which gives us a tan when reacting with harmful UV rays, melanoids produce a tan that looks natural and is a result of a harmless spray tanning solution.

DHA and the color of your tan

Quite simply, the depth of your tan will depend on the strength of the DHA found in the product. A higher concentration of DHA will give you a deep, bronze color, while a weaker DHA content will give you a sun-kissed look.

Another very important thing to know about DHA and the result you want is that the color produced by the spray tanning solution that contains DHA will also depend on your own genes, that is, melanin. This is why the color will be darker on the more coarse areas of the skin, such as elbows or knees.

Remember that for a uniform color you must first remove all the unwanted and unnecessary loose scales from the skin.

The tan appears soon after the DHA spray tan is applied and it continues to darken over the next 24 hours. So be careful about choosing the color you want!

Is it safe?

Yes! DHA is approved by the FDA, and the European Commission's Safety Commission on Consumer Safety concluded that spray tan is safe, as long as it’s not heavily inhaled or ingested.

With Kahuna Bay DHA Booster Drops, you can get your tan ready in minutes and be prepared for any occasion – a glowing, healthy and bronze skin will be the envy of any crowd you find yourself in!

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