How Much Can a Mobile Spray Tanner Make?

How Much Can a Mobile Spray Tanner Make?

If you love spray tanning and have an entrepreneurial spirit, it might be time to start thinking about a spray tan business.

A mobile spray tan business allows you the flexibility to see clients wherever is most convenient for them, whenever it is most convenient for you both. It allows you to avoid commercial real estate costs and to bid goodbye to the days trapped in one office space for too long.

Once you invest in your spray tan equipment, it is easy to break even and earn a profit.

Let’s look at what you will absolutely need to get started:

  • Spray tan solution serums. St. Tropez DARK Bronzing Mist Spray Tanning Solution, on sale for $59.95/ 33.8 fl oz. Each spray tan uses 2 fluid ounces, so you can plan to on get 15 tans per bottle, averaging at $4/client.
  • Spray tan machines. Try the St. Tropez Tan Easy Spray Tan Machine, which is on sale for $159. Plan to use it for all 15 clients for which you have budgeted the solution, and you’ll come out at about $10.50/ per client

Don’t worry, we will keep track of the math for you so we can show you can much you can make!

  • Tents. The Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent rings in at $79.99. Divide again by 15 and we are looking at $5.33/person.

Add all this up (solution, machine, and tent), and total cost per tan is just under $20/person for 15 people.

If you could offer a tan at this price, you would be leading the market competition. But you will have other costs that you want to factor in, too. Registering your business and obtaining proper licensing will cost you initial and annual fees. A website and marketing plan will stretch into your budget. And do not forget about your car and gas that you are using to make your way between clients.

The average cost of a spray tan today is about $60. This gives you plenty of wiggle room for making your tan affordable and being sure to earn a profit. When you start out, you might need to keep prices low to stay competitive. Offer initial, first-time memberships that incentivize appointments. Let your clients know that prices will rise after a certain amount of time or a certain number of sessions. Don't sell yourself short! You are going to do amazing work, and you deserve to run a healthy business!

Here are some other logistics you will want to consider:

  • Register your business with the state. The easiest way to do this is to file a DBA (Doing Business As) for a sole proprietorship.
  • Form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that will protect you should any financial or legal matters arise during the course of your business.
  • Find out which licenses you need- general, professional, sales tax, signage permits, fire permits, home occupation permits, etc. It will take a bit of research to determine which permits you need, but the filing process should be pretty quick and easy.

Remember, once you are in business, rep yourself as a brand leader. Remind your clients that you have the best spray tan solution at every visit. They will not always be ready to purchase, but they will feel they are in good hands with someone who provides the next, safest and finest products on the market.

For more tips on how to get started with your own spray tan business, reach out to our team at Artesian Tan. We will get you situated with the best products and equipment and make certain that you are on your way to entrepreneurial stardom. 

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