How Much does a Spray Tan Artist Make?

How Much does a Spray Tan Artist Make?

The sunless tanning business is one of the few businesses where product and equipment costs may be swiftly recouped. Businesses that offer sunless tanning have the potential to make a huge profit. So how much money can you really make from spray tanning?

How Much Money Can You Really Make?

Customers can maintain a healthy glow while avoiding the consequences of sun exposure causing this industry to consistently grow. You can get about 15 uses out of a bottle of tanning solution. Depending on the traffic you see and the amount you charge each customer, you could potentially make anywhere from $1000-$2250 a week.

What are your Opportunities

Whether you're starting a new company or purchasing an existing one, you must evaluate both the firm's potential and your ability to grow it. Your analysis should be comprehensive, addressing both the dangers and rewards of starting a spray tan company.

The company's evaluation process includes financial, product, and human resource analyses. To enhance your chances of success, evaluate the income potential as well as the difficulties.

Value your Experience

Before diving head first into your spray tan business, ensure that you know how it works from start to finish. Go get spray tans yourself. Learn about the products your potential competitors are using and what machines use day to day. Truly evaluate your compensation and learn along the way so that way when you are ready to start your spray tanning business, you know what works and what doesn't.

Price Smart

So, how much exactly does a spray artist make? Since we're talking about the average cost of spray tanning sessions, we must include the expenses. You can only have an estimate of your expected average monthly revenue based on the number of clients you have.

  • Two clients every day, five days per week, four weeks per month, equals $2000.
  • Three clients every day, five days per week, x four weeks per month = $3000.
  • Four clients per day, five days per week, x four weeks per month = $4000.
  • Five clients each day, five days per week, four weeks per month, equals $5000.
  • And so forth.
  • It is not only important to be competitive in your industry when it comes to pricing your services. It is also important to ensure that you are adequately compensated. Finding out what your rivals charge may assist you in determining what your costs should be.

    After reviewing your competitors' base prices, you may compare your own costs to determine the best price for your items. You may develop client packages that save the customer money while also ensuring the customer returns. Packages, incentives, and other factors may change the price. You'll be okay if you concentrate on producing a scalable profit.

    Market only to your Audience 

    You can't sell or market to everyone, and attempting to do so would leave you scrambling for customers. After you've identified your ideal customer, you'll know where to look for and interact with them. The following questions are crucial in establishing your ideal customer:

  • What services do you provide, and how do they stack up against the competition?
  • Who do you connect with and feel most at ease with?
  • What are your competitors pursuing?
  • Is your city overlooking an underserved market?
  • Digital marketing is now a part of our lives, and we can no longer afford to ignore it. This is why it is critical to have a strong internet presence for your spray tanning company. To do so, you'll need a robust and well-optimized website. You'll also need to know how to use the ever-growing number of social media networks available. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter may help you grow your audience, but you need a strategy first.

    Suggestions on growing your market audience to make more money:

    • Offer new customers a discount.
    • Look for micro-influencers for endorsements and seek the assistance of well-known spray tanning companies.
    • Provide incentives to your social media pages.
    • Establish referral programs to reward current clients.
    • Give out freebies to fans who help promote your page.
    • Include images of your best work on your website so that others can see your talent.

    As the number of sunless tanning businesses grows globally, so will competition. Hence, you'll need to step up your price, marketing, and sunless tanning abilities to really optimize your income.

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