How Much Does Starting a Spray Tan Business Cost?

How Much Does Starting a Spray Tan Business Cost?

The spray tan industry is growing thanks to the rapidly increasing desire for bronzed skin without the actual harsh consequences of being in the sun. This makes it the perfect opportunity to start your own spray tan business.

So, is it a good venture for an entrepreneur to get into? How much does it cost to step up and get started? This article dives into the costs of starting a spray tan business.

Investing in Equipment and Tools

Starting a spray tan business comes with a small upfront cost and low overhead, allowing you to get started for under $1500, sometimes even less! You will need to have a location, such as a rented space, a dedicated space in your home, or be mobile and travel to your customers. You will need to purchase a sprayer/machine, sunless tanning solutions, hairnets/caps, gloves and a pop up booth to get started. To make things simple, Artesian Tan offers a start-up kit for $699 that includes a lot of these tools.

Start Up Cost

A lot of your initial investments in your tools and equipment can be included in the initial start up of your business. You will also need to register your LLC to legally do business which can cost anywhere from $100-$200. It is recommended to always obtain insurance, and some states can even require you to register for a license. If you really want to get your business rolling in the right direction, you can purchase a website for under $250, business cards and other marketing tools that will take your business to the next level.

Cost of Doing Business

As mentioned before, spray tan businesses have low overheard. You will have to maintain your solutions, which can cost you around $20-$75. You can get about 15 tans per bottle and charge between $40-$60 a tan. There is no strict rule on creating your prices, just make sure it benefits you and you are obtaining a profit. Websites and other marketing tools can come with small monthly fees.

It is always important to ensure that you understand the market before investing any money into it. Therefore, conduct some research to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Also, be sure to define your ideal customers, target market, and competition metrics. Such factors will guide you when starting the business. 

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