How to Fix Your Spray Tan Lines

How to Fix Your Spray Tan Lines

There was a time when spray tan lines were everything. Even in the privacy of our own backyards, we made sure to keep our bikini tops well knotted, anxiously awaiting stark white lines to reveal beneath them. Showing the world just how tan we could get.

Now, there’s nothing we want less- evidence of the tan. Our skin is naturally bronzed, always. And it is more than tan lines. We get smudges, blotchiness, streaks, mismatching colors and all sorts of unpleasant clues, tracing the story of a fake tan on our bodies. Spray tan problems, right?

Well, for every luxury problem, there is a luxury solution and lucky for us, tan lines and marks are easy to fend off or avoid.

Here are 6 easy steps on how to even out a spray tan:

  • Use a moisturizer with your tan. This will allow one, even surface for the best color. Try our Tan Extending Lotion.
  • Pull back your hair! This is too commonly the reason for white-streaked faces and splotchy necks.
  • Exfoliate and wash with our Sunless Tanning Body Wash before tanning. Besides leaving your skin super hydrated, your dead skin will all be washed off, and new cells will be ready to take on color.
  • Apply cream beneath your eyes for a natural, bright-eyed glow.
  • Treat the spray application like an art project in process. Be meticulous and precise. If you get too antsy and move too quickly, you’ll spray unevenly.
  • Keep a distance between the spray and hands and feet. These parts of the body soak up DHA most readily- that’s why they appear darker sometimes!

Speaking of mystic tan tips, try our wash and lotion to get the best of your spray tan experience.

Get to tan prepping, and see you at the Artesian Tan checkout, soon!

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