How to Market Your Spray Tanning Business in 2018

How to Market Your Spray Tanning Business in 2018

With the summer almost upon us, you may be wondering how to market your spray tanning business in 2018. Marketing is a tricky beast – especially since the increased availability of the internet. What worked really well only a couple of years ago can be totally useless now!

However, there is one thing that remains constant when it comes to marketing. Nobody likes spam! Flyers, random telephone calls, or irrelevant emails – all of these are most likely to end up in the trash. How then to market your business in 2018 and make sure your message reaches the people relevant to you who would also be very interested in tanning? 

Here are some tips to get you started:

Know Your Clients

You wouldn’t market a trip to Everest to a frail 80 year old, so why would you want to waste resources and time by shouting into the void? The best thing you can do is make a persona of your ideal client.

You can extrapolate your ideal client by looking at your existing clients (maybe even ask them to do a survey to get to know them better, and in return, you can offer a free session). Or you can look at some previously untapped market opportunity that exists around your city. Ask yourself what are your competitors doing, is there a section of the market left ignored that you can use, what kind of client would be most interested in your services?

By knowing this information, you will know exactly who to target, how to reach them, and how to communicate with them. You will also know who to collaborate with (influencers or other businesses) to reach the most people who’d be interested in your services.

Provide Incentives

A nice way to show your clients you care for them is to reward them – you can offer a loyalty program. For example, for every 5 spray tan sessions, they might get one free. Or maybe your clients would be interested in gifts – what if you offer a small gift after 5 tans?

You might want to look into developing an advocacy program – by spreading word of mouth, your clients might gather point, where each client’s point count means they could get some kind of a gift – the reward and the program will depend on your clients’ profiles, so make sure you know them!

Provide Content

If you provide your clients with more than just spray tans, it’s almost guaranteed they will trust you enough to come back again and again. Ask yourself, how can you help and advise your clients and potential clients? What would they be most interested in and what value you can provide them aside from an awesome tan?

Can you write a blog that explains the benefits of spray tans? Or the top 10 ways of how to pick your ideal shade? Can you advise your client how to get rid of spray tan stains if they accidentally stain their clothes? A good blog goes a long way.

Be Social

The one thing you cannot ignore today is social media. Be present on social media platforms relevant to your business – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest are just some of the options. Communicate with your followers and share your clients’ stories.

What you might want to look into is a collaboration with influencers in social media – reach out and ask them if they would like to collaborate with you.

These are just some ideas that might help with your marketing in 2018. Have we missed any other useful technique? Let us know in the comments!

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