How to Prevent Spray Tanning Stains?

How to Prevent Spray Tanning Stains?

It is well known that spray tan is the healthiest alternative for sunbathing, but you may also know that spray tanning sometimes stains… well, everything. 

However, there are proven methods and rules to follow, which will help avoid staining. Read on to learn how to have a perfect tan without stains.

Spray tan needs time to set

After applying spray tan, you need to make sure it is completely dry before getting dressed again. Five minutes should be more than enough for the tan to dry, so make sure not to hurry and put your clothes back on.

Does spray tan stain clothes?

Yes, if you are not careful and do not follow our advice. Obviously, light clothes are more prone to staining and accidents will be drastically more noticeable on white than dark clothes. In addition to making sure the tan has completely dried, put on dark and loose clothes, just in case. Better be sure than ruin your favorite top!

Avoid wearing tight clothes

The friction of tight-fitting clothes may take your tan off. Even worse, it may take off parts of your tan, making it look uneven while staining your clothes. On the day you are getting a fake tan, plan accordingly and wear loose, dark-colored clothes to avoid any mishaps.

Avoid sweating and showering

Stay put. Do not go to the gym the day you get a spray tan and avoid any physical activities which would make you sweat. Sweat will not only make tan stains, but it may cause your tan to come off as well. Keep in mind that you should not shower either and you will undoubtedly want to minimize the physical activities for hygienic reasons as well.

If, for some reason, you cannot avoid sweating, simply apply talk or baby powder to keep the skin dry and the tan in place. After the color has locked in, make sure to shower with a sulfate-free cleanser, to preserve the color and apply a moisturizer afterward.

Carry an umbrella

Even if it does not look like it will rain, pack an umbrella in your bag since summer showers are pretty unpredictable. Carry an umbrella with you to prevent the rain from ruining your tan or make your skin patchy and stain your clothes. Better be safe than sorry!

Give the tan time to develop

Spray tan needs time to set and it will develop over the course of 8 hours, during which you need to be very careful. If you are doing your own spray tan, it is best to plan accordingly and sleep while your tan locks in. This way, you will not get tempted to, accidentally or purposely, ruin your tan. It is advisable to use darker sheets to avoid stains.

How to get fake tan off clothes and sheets?

If you follow the aforementioned advice, you are not going to have too many problems, but it is always best to be prepared. To make sure the tan color comes out of the materials, use a stain remover before putting the clothes and sheets in the washing machine.

Choose good quality

It is always worth using a better quality product as it minimizes risk. Artesian Tan has the selection of the finest world-class products you can choose from, based on your skin complexity and the effect you are trying to achieve. It is best to use tans with vegetable dye, as a precaution, since it is much easier to remove the stain. Stains do happen even if you do your best to prevent them, but you can make sure they come out with ease.

Spray tan is guaranteed to make you look radiant and even boost your confidence. You now have all the information on how to avoid stains, but in case they happen, the benefits drastically outweigh the price and a good tan is definitely worth the extra laundry batch.

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