How to price sunless tanning services

How to price sunless tanning services

The hardest thing about entering any service offering business is setting your price list. If you're new to the sunless tanning business, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration while forming one. Although there’s no strict rule when it comes to determining how much you should charge for your sunless spray tanning services, you can combine various factors that will help you structure your price list correctly.

So, how do you price your spray tanning services?

Rely on your competition

Do market research. Research other sunless spray tanning services around your place - how much do they charge? Find out what’s the lowest and the highest cost of service, since you’ll want to position your services between those two. By doing this, you’ll have a competitive price point that will give your newly started business a good push. Although it may seem that a lower price means more customers, at the same time it threatens your business’ image and it could even discredit your services.

Where’s your business located?

The location is a significant factor you should take into consideration.

Think about whether the area where your spray tanning business is located is it more rural or densely populated, do clients need to drive from the city to reach you? Can they easily find you?

Dense population means more people, which means - more potential customers and a higher standing on the price ladder for your business. If you own mobile sunless spray tanning service, your technicians should always count the gas, drive time and distance into the price.

Analyze the clientele

Do you care about having higher-end customers only, or are you willing to have a more diverse type of clientele? How much should you charge them? When forming a price, offer your clients something they can’t get elsewhere. Whether it’s sunless tanning products, the service itself, or the whole experience.

The profit

Be honest - it's okay to earn some money. In the end, you want to keep your business running and invest in the quality of your service, keeping the customers happy and your sunless spray tanning business sustainable.

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