How to Remove Self Tanner from Your Skin Quick and Easy

How to Remove Self Tanner from Your Skin Quick and Easy

Sometimes, achieving that coveted bronze tan through sunless tanning methods can be easier than removing it when you feel like it is time to get rid of it. At Artesian Tan, we like to deploy natural DIY methods to remove self tanner from your skin in an even and healthy manner.

That being said, here are 6 tips and guidelines on how to remove self tanner from skin:

Use Exfoliating Scrubs

If you are serious about your skin’s health and tan, chances are you have an exfoliating scrub. Herbal ones are great for self tanner removal as they contain whitening ingredients that are great for this purpose. Try applying it to your body and/or face no more than three times a week so as not to dry out your skin too much or provoke acne.

Using this method to remove self tanner has multiple benefits as it also exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cells, and keeps your skin fresh and renewed.

Note: If you are using this type of scrub for both your body and your face, make sure to have 2 different exfoliating scrubs. The one that you use on your face should be much softer as the skin on your face is much more delicate.

Baby Oil to the Rescue

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet many people still don’t know it. As baby oils have naturally immiscible effects on your skin, meaning they don’t mix with water, you can use these products to remove your skin tan. Simply apply baby oil during your baths, and use it BEFORE you wash your body and face with soap. You can use this routine as many times a week as you want.

When Life Gives you Lemons…

Those of you who really want a full-on DIY method on how to remove self tanner from skin, we recommend using lemons. Yes, you can squeeze out the juice from a couple of lemons, pour it in a container (make sure it is a clean one), and use a soft cloth or scrub.

Dab the cloth into the lemon juice and apply it on the body parts and skin areas you want whitened. Once or twice on a daily basis is the recommended routine.

Try Using Luffa

Applying luffa (or loofah) is among the best and most effective alternatives to using exfoliating scrubs. Loofah is a plant that has great exfoliating and skin whitening powers as it can remove dead skin cells quite effectively. Simply soak the loofah in soapy water and use it to rub the body parts you want.

Much like it is the case with the first method on our list, 3 times a week is a recommended frequency for this routine. Make sure you use a different one for the skin on your face.

Use Baking Soda

One of the best DIY ways to remove self tanner is to use baking soda while taking a bath. Simply add some of it in the water and gently rub the mixture across your skin using your hand or a scrub. Once you’ve rubbed it into your skin, let the baking soda/water mix rest for approximately 3 minutes, then wash it off.

Use Quality Tanner Removal Lotion

For those who simply don’t like or have time to experiment on how to remove self tanner from skin methods, we at Artesian Tan recommend purchasing a quality lotion-based tanner removal formula and simply follow the directions on the label of the product you’ve chosen. Typically, it takes a week or up to 10 days to remove the tan completely.

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