How to Spray Tan in a Booth - Ultimate Guide

How to Spray Tan in a Booth - Ultimate Guide

We at Artesian Tan know just how intimidating spray tan booths can be, especially for first-timers. People usually don’t know what to expect from the whole spray tanning experience and fear their new tan may turn out to be a disaster.

Just remember that hilarious Friends episode when Ross goes to the spray on tan salon, and you’ll know what we are talking about.

In order to avoid experiencing this type of scenario, we decided to provide you with an ultimate guide on how to spray tan in a booth and make sure your body has that perfect and even bronze hue that is so hard to achieve, without any unforeseen Ross-like mistakes.

9 Essential Tips On How To Spray Tan In A Booth

1. No Deodorant Or Antiperspirant

Never put on deodorant prior to your spray tanning session. The thing is that most deodorants and antiperspirant sprays contain aluminum which can react with the tanning solution and cause your armpits (or whichever body part you’ve applied the deodorant on) to form greenish hue.

2. No Makeup Or Moisturizers

Unless it was specified by your tanning specialist, make sure you don’t wear any kind of makeup, lotions, or skin moisturizers on the day of your spray tanning session as they can prevent the solution from getting through and forming the tan, rendering your spray tanning appointment fruitless.

3. Birthday Suit Is The Best Option

Most tanning salons provide you with the option of going into the booth completely naked or wearing a swimsuit. For better coverage, we strongly recommend stepping into the booth in your birthday suit.

However, should you decide to wear a swimsuit, be sure to pick an old, dark one because of the stains.

Also, don’t forget to remove all the other accessories like watches and jewelry. For those with long hair, make sure you are provided with a plastic cap to tuck your hair in so it won’t be in the way.

4. Stand In The Center Of The Booth

The center of the booth is where the magic happens, so make sure you stand directly in the middle, for only then will you be at the optimal distance from the nozzles.

Some tanning booths have feet markings on the floor that indicate the perfect spot for you to place your feet.

5. Face The Specified Direction And Get Into Right Position

Remember the Ross reference from the intro? Well, this is it! Most modern booths feature a sign inside that tells you which wall exactly you should be facing.

The general rule of thumb is to turn toward the wall that has spray nozzles on it, but as different salons have different routines that involve doing your backside first, make sure you ask your tanning technician for detailed guidelines about this part.

Here’s how to assume the right position in 4 steps once you are in the center of the booth:

  • Stand up straight (without slouching, leaning, hunching over)
  • Place your feet about shoulder-width apart
  • Reach out your arms and spread your fingers wide as if you are making a claw
  • Be sure to keep your mouth and eyes closed

6. Listen To The Voice And Follow The Cues

Once you are in the center of the booth and you’ve assumed the right position, pay attention to a prerecorded voice that is telling you how to position your body, where to look, when exactly to turn and which way. If this is your first spray tanning session in a booth, be sure to follow these instructions closely.

7. Use A Towel To Soak Up Streaks And Splotches

Once you’re out of the booth and under regular lighting, you might notice minor inconsistencies in your tanning layer, and that’s perfectly normal. Should you notice splotches and streaks, get a towel and softly pat the skin areas with these inconsistencies.

NOTE: Never rub or wipe these areas as you will likely smear the solution and ruin the tan in that particular area.

8. Wait 15 Minutes Before You Get Dressed Again

Make sure you wait about 10 to 15 minutes after you come out of the booth and before you slip back into your clothes, just to be sure the tanner is completely dry.

9. Don’t Shower For At Least 8 Hours After Your Session

Although having a layer of tanner on your skin might not feel too comfy, you should wait at least 8 hours for your next shower if you want the tanning solution to properly set up on your skin. That means no:

  • showers
  • baths
  • swimming pools
  • hot tubs
  • saunas…

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