How to Start a Spray Tanning Business From Home

How to Start a Spray Tanning Business From Home

It is no surprise that you’ve decided to enter the thriving and lucrative business of spray tanning. This industry is currently flourishing all over the U.S., and with more and more tanning companies and salons now shifting from UV beds to spray/airbrush type of tanning, the market has become more fertile than ever. According to some estimates, the spray tanning industry generated revenue of circa $2bn over the past 5 years, with an annual growth rate of 2.6%, which should be a strong incentive for you to follow through with your plan.

But before you do, check out Artesian Tan’s 7 useful tips on how to start a spray tanning business from home:

Thoroughly Research the Spray Tanning Industry

One of the first steps that you need to take is to glean as much useful and usable information as you possibly can. Research the following:

  • Products that are most used in your area
  • Best-buy equipment
  • Popular brands of spray tan solutions and after care products that have high rep
  • Business plans of your potential competition
  • Type of service that is most popular with consumers
  • Marketing plans of your potential competition

Get The Right Equipment

Do a thorough research on all the pieces of equipment you’ll need for starting a spray tanning business from home. Some useful questions to take into account:

  1. What kind of airbrush guns will you be using?
  2. Are you going mobile as well? If yes – consider lightweight equipment for easier transport.
  3. Will your services require a tent? Which size?
  4. Are you planning to buy a spray tanning kit? If yes - does it provide all the equipment you need?

Offer a Wide Range of Tanning Solutions

Make sure you find out everything there is to know about brands and types of tanning solutions. Once you get the ball rolling, you will want to be able to cater to all your customers and their skin tones and desires. Our suggestion is to buy samples and then experiment. Also, be sure to go with a brand that has an established reputation and that is able to supply you with a full range of spray tanning solutions.

Get Proper Training and Practice (A Lot)

Practice makes perfect. To achieve the best results, you will need to practice and gain as much experience as possible before you can call yourself a professional spray tanning technician. Start by working with your friends and family first, and get them to provide you with honest and detailed feedback.

Market Your Spray Tanning Business

Having a potent marketing strategy is an important part of running any kind of business. In this day and age, investing in digital marketing can do wonders when it comes to reaching your target audience and widening your client base.

Endorsement Deals 

Once you establish your business and build your clientele, you can try and contact big spray tanning brands and ask them if they offer any type of endorsement deals. This way you can get some of their products for free, while they get visibility among your customers.

Take Care of Insurance Policies

The standard policy in the United States requires all companies to have basic insurance policy covers that are required by the particular industry. This means you will need to have a budget to cover your insurance policy. We suggest you consult an insurance broker who will be able to give you more useful info on which insurance policies are most suitable for spray tanning company.

Those were our crucial tips on how to start a spray tanning business from home. Feel free to contact our team at Artesian Tan for more info on this subject, but also check out our offers on quality spray tanning equipment, solutions, and marketing tips.

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