In Which States Is Spray Tanning the Most Popular?

In Which States Is Spray Tanning the Most Popular?

Have you ever wondered about this? Spray tanning has been around for a while now, gaining immense popularity. Not to mention, the products, the list of ingredients and spray tanning methods have all been perfected over time.  Spray tan machines, solutions, tanning booths have all been improved over the years, providing only the best services for sunless tanning enthusiasts. Hence, it would be exciting to know: 

Where is spray tanning the most popular?

Since there is little official data about this, we have to rely on sources such as Google and trends. According to the all-knowing internet, the states where spray tanning is the most popular are Utah, Colorado and North Dakota. At first glance, this might sound pretty self-explanatory. None of these states are really known as the homes of sunny summer resorts and pristine beaches (like for instance California, Florida and other states along the coasts of the oceans). Still, people in these states also want to get that nice glow going on, and they want to achieve it the healthiest way possible!

With  sunless tanning, health and being cautious always comes first! As a general rule, age restrictions are applied when it comes to spray tanning, to be safe. Also, some tanning salons are fairly cold. Providing a pair of slippers or sticky feet throughout the whole process for the customers might be an added plus for those who feel cold while waiting for their tan to dry. Another cool feature might be having some informational pamphlets about sunless tanning, the benefits of it, and about the drawbacks of the other conventional methods.

If you have any more questions about sunless tanning, about the whole industry or about the products we offer, please, read our blogs or take a look at what we have to offer. With Artesian Tan, you can’t go wrong!

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