Kahuna Bay – the Next Step in Spray Tanning

Kahuna Bay – the Next Step in Spray Tanning

We all crave for that glowing bronzed body, whether we admit it or not. Being white and pale is just… Well, just that, being white and pale. But, having a tanned body is one of those things that instantly gives off positive vibes, reeks of coolness, and advocates a love of life, an adventurous spirit and a care for health. We all know that the effects of UV sun exposure and tanning bed overuse come with their own costs. That is why spray tanning is one of the most (if not the most) efficient ways to get that bronzed glow you want without the harmful effects of the above-mentioned methods. Not only that but if you keep on reading, you'll learn, that spray tanning comes with an extensive list of other benefits as well!

Why Spray Tanning?

When the skin is overexposed to the sun or UV, it is far more prone to sunburn, skin conditions, premature aging, and has a bigger chance of developing skin cancer. Yes, the sun is vital, it provides us with vitamins and minerals, but overexposure can be pretty dangerous. The benefits of spray tanning can also be psychological. For the most part, we all feel a bit better and happier when we have a nice tan going on. When you sport a healthy looking radiant and glow, you automatically feel a bit better. As they say – look good, feel good!

Apart from the psychological and health benefits, spray tanning offers a wide palette of other benefits which make it the perfect tanning solution for everybody out there. For starters, when properly applied it provides a streak-free tan. The fine mist allows an even application all over, no patchiness. Not to mention, spray tanning has come a long way since its debut, so you don't have to worry about going orange anymore!

Second, you will be able to stay tanned all year round; it can help you look thinner and healthier. Honestly, these factors instantly boost self-confidence! Using spray tanning products will also help with evening skin tone, hiding blemishes and other imperfections, such as stretch marks or varicose veins.

You are free to go as dark as you want without going red first!

Lastly, it is the fastest (and again, safest) method out there to get that bronzed look! It takes only 15 minutes for you go from pale and white to have a deep and bronzed tan.

The ultimate SOLUTION for your tanning needs!

Artesian Tan's mission is to provide its customers the safest and healthiest way to achieve that bronzed glow they desire. Made only from the best ingredients available, Kahuna Bay spray tanning products, can do just that. Made with the finest ingredients, these products can help you to get a glowing skin tone. Kahuna Bay products also include high-quality airbrush tanning solutions which range in shade and strength so that every customer can find the perfect solution!

Many of the Kahuna Bay tanning products offer additional benefits as well, such as anti-aging properties or a light fragrance. The airbrush tanning solution contains a light citrus fragrance. The Kahuna Melange tan solution, for instance, contains anti-aging properties that moisturize and firms the skin at the same time.

Want to get the best and healthiest tan you've had so far? Get in touch with us! 

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