Mobile Freelance Spray Tanning Tips

Mobile Freelance Spray Tanning Tips

The beauty industry isn’t all just glitz and glamor. It is also a very competitive economic sector, which brings in billions of dollars each year in the US alone. This fact may be compelling for many to test their business skills and earn a lot of money in the process, but in order to stand out from the rest, the first thing one needs to do is have a solid plan from the very beginning.

Take, for instance, mobile freelance spray tanning. The demand for on-site beauty services is skyrocketing. Competition is consequentially becoming fiercer, and newcomers are hurtling to find their place on the market. If you want to try your luck and start a  mobile spray tanning business, here are some tips to improve your game.

Right equipment

Consider professional gear to be the foundation of your business. Clients will expect from you to provide the same tanning results they get in salons. You will need at least a pop-up tent, cleaning supplies,  spray tan machines, skin perfectors, moisturizers, and of course a fantastic tanning solution to get the job done properly. Find out more about the financial details in a previous blog:


Tanning salons use automated equipment, which make things easy, but outside of the salon, things are a bit more manual. Although it can be tempting to skip additional training, mobile spray tanning services require a steady hand and skilled use of airbrushes. This takes practice and patience. You have to learn to choose the right color, provide even coverage, and use the right shading techniques to achieve maximum effect.

Use of brands

The best way to boost your business is by stocking your cabinet with premium labels clients are familiar with. They may be expensive, but they are expensive for a reason – they provide longer-lasting results. Also, try to establish a relationship with successful tanning brands because you can get quality  spray tan equipment and supplies for a bargain and keep up with new trends.


The key is to never stop advertising. Your social media page, website, blog, and merchandize, they all have to be personalized, informative, and most importantly memorable. Keep your clients updated by frequently posting about your achievements, interests, and future plans, and don’t forget to network in order to reach out to more potential clients, promoters, and influential players. 

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