Mobile Spray Tan Business Plan: Getting Started

Mobile Spray Tan Business Plan: Getting Started

For all those thinking about starting their own mobile spray tan business, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is – you are in for a potentially extremely lucrative ride. The spray tanning industry is on the rise and if you play your cards right, research your local market thoroughly enough, and use these insights wisely, your business can grow by leaps and bounds rather quickly.

The bad news is – there are several technical issues you need to take care of first that may turn out to be very arduous.

One of those things is writing a mobile spray tan business plan.

Not that many people have the skills or the patience to tackle this type of a task. There are seemingly endless tricky aspects that you need to cover and, unfortunately, many aspiring spray tanning technicians give up on their dream too soon.

We Artesian Tan are here to try and change this awful trend.

But before we give you some pointers on how to assemble a potent mobile spray tan business plan, let’s talk about some positive prospects of this business – potential return on investment (ROI).

Potential Income

We scraped the market a little bit and realized that you can charge 40 bucks for one spray tanning session (if you work with quality equipment and solution, that is). Below, you can see what your potential ROI would be if you average on 3 or 6 clients per day, which is extremely doable.

Estimated ROI Table if you charge $40 a session:

  • 3 clients per day | possible monthly income: $2.400 | possible yearly income: $28.800
  • 6 clients per day | possible monthly income: $4.800 | possible yearly income: $57.600

No wonder more and more spray tanning technicians are opting for this particular pivot in their careers.

The potential in this market is huge, and the best part is that you can get amazing deals on quality spray tanning guns, as well as tanning solution. This means that you will soon start earning a lot of money and your profit margin will only go up, while the products and equipment you need for your job won’t get more expensive any time soon.

Truly a recipe for success.

Now, that you have the ballpark when it comes to your potential income, let’s see:

How To Write A Proper Mobile Spray Tan Business Plan

Although putting together a strong business plan may seem too tough to handle, we suggest you go over our instructions and see that this task is not as difficult as one might assume. First of all, we suggest you don’t write too thorough a plan that contains dozens of pages and a lot of potentially useless data. This can be rather exhausting and in most cases counter-productive.

What we DO recommend is breaking your business plan into 4 following sections:

  • Business overview
  • How I plan to make money
  • How I plan to market my business and get clients
  • Possible obstacles and challenges, and how I plan to overcome them

Mobile Spray Tan Business Plan Outline

Here are the basic bullet points and questions around which you need to build your own business plan. Make sure you follow them closely:

Business overview

  • What exactly will you sell and which services will you offer?
  • Who is your target audience? Who will pay for your services?
  • How exactly will your customers benefit from your business idea?

How I plan to make money

  • What do you plan to charge for your services and/or products? NOTE: include all possibilities
  • What is your expected weekly/monthly/yearly ROI?
  • How will you get paid?
  • Are there any other means of earning money aside from your main expertise?

How I plan to market my business and get clients

  • How do you plan to advertise?
  • How will your customers find out about your business?
  • Will there be any encourage referral programs?
  • Do you have any endorsement deals planned?

Possible Obstacles and Challenges

  • Possible obstacles number 1 that my business may encounter
  • Specific solution for possible obstacles number 1 that my business may encounter

NOTE: Write as many scenarios as you can think of

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Spray on!

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